Shakira and a political parody, among the most searched singers on Google this 2022

Mexico.- Recently it was announced to the most listened to artists during the course of the yearwhere through streaming platforms the themes and artists that stood out in each of the user libraries began to be disseminated, where Shakira He positioned himself as one of the most influential stars.

For his part, Google He was not far behind and made the list with the search trends on said website with the most searches during this 2022, where singers, producers, athletes and politicians stand out.

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Millions in the country, and of course, in the rest of the world, have shown interest in knowing who were the most searched personalities in the year 2022Therefore, platforms and websites have been in charge of launching the official lists for each Internet user and also in general.

In fact, Shakira has been in charge of dominating two of the lists that Google launched, being the number one of the Top 10.

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Within the Top of the most searched singers on Google, in addition to the interpreter of ‘Monotony‘, they find each other Bad Bunny, Snoop Dogg, Coldplay and Eminemwho are undoubtedly soloists and groups with great global recognition.

Complete list of the most searched singers on Google in 2022

1) Shakira
2) Cazzu
3) Eminem
4) Rebel
5) Snoop Dogg
6) Coldplay
7) Bad Bunny
8) My Baby Wee Wee
9) Foo Fighters
10) Resident

cazzu stands next to Eminemwho is a legend for global music, like the two rappers who managed to enter the first three positions of the Top 10 of the most searched singers on google during 2022.

In Mexico, the successful British pop rock band, Coldplaywas also one of the main search trends, because despite the fact that it was already very popular, the band joined one of the most popular groups in recent years, it is the phenomenon of kpop, btsin the year 2021, so they started to gain more fans.

In fact, a couple of months ago, one of the members of bts, Jinhe sought Coldplay’s help to write a farewell song for ‘ARMYS’, as he left to do his military service for two years.

But besides Coldplay, Bad Bunny His fame began to increase, which is why he is currently one of the most requested and loved singers by millions, and something that led him to become a trend is that this year he carried out his tour ‘World’s Hottest Tour‘, where he earned a significant amount of money.

This year, scandal took over Shakira’s life, as her relationship with Gerard Piqué came to an end after having stayed together for more than a decade, because the former soccer player apparently went unfaithful with a 23-year-old student, with whom he is currently in a relationship, Clara Chia.

After the betrayal of the father of her children, the Colombian singer gave us great melodies, such as ‘Te Felicito’, a song that was rumored to be dedicated to the 35-year-old Catalan, however, it was not until ‘Monotonía’ came out, that it was confirmed that the song was dedicated to Piqué.

Faced with this situation, Shakira’s music began to become one of the most broadcast, since it became popular again.

It should be noted that this was not the only list that the Barranquilla woman led, because in the trends of most searched people on google in 2022is also number 1, due to the controversy with Gerard Piqué.

Shakira tops two Google search lists

Most searched people in the course of the year 2022 in Mexico, according to the best-known website, Google.

1) Shakira
2) Paul Lyle
3) Johnny Depp
4) Daniel Alves
5) Amber Heard
6) Will Smith
7) Chabelo
8) Tenoch Huerta
9) Chris Rock
10) Cesar Bono

All these personalities starred in various scandals during 2022, so people were very interested in knowing the story of each of the artists who appear in the Top 10 of the most searched people in Mexico, according to Google.

Shakira stole first place due to the infidelity played by her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, and the Sinaloan Paul Lyle ranked second after being found guilty of committing involuntary manslaughter in USA having hit an elderly adult, who died from a stroke some time after the impact.

Secondly, Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard They faced a legal dispute because the actress accused the famous man of having received abuse during their marriage, but before the evidence that Depp presented to the jury, it was determined that he was the real victim, for which he pleaded not guilty.

Each of the artists that appear on this list faced various problems, so Internet users began to want to know each of the stories in depth, which is why they became a trend at the time.

Shakira and a political parody, among the most searched singers on Google this 2022