Solar time: tribute to Mino Reitano

from Monday to Friday from 12.20 to 13.20

Julia Mazza is a deaf cellist, born and raised in a family passionate about music. Her experience shows how music can be heard with the whole body through vibrations: supported by hearing aids and her Braille-Cello, an instrument she invented which bears small keys on the strings that help with intonation, she plays as a soloist and as a group a vast repertoire.
Julia Cremaschi is a music therapist with a great commitment to deaf children and their relationship to music through vibrations.
Vincenzo Durante and Elena Facco they fell in love during the pandemic and are the protagonists of a special and blatant marriage proposal: he asked her to marry him during the general rehearsal of the famous event known as “The chess game of Marostica”.
Franco and Giuseppina Gullo, respectively aged 63 and 66, are both guests of the RSA of the Casa Cardinale Maffi Foundation in Mezzana (Pisa). They met and fell in love in the structure, until their dream was crowned with a marriage union.

Giuseppina Elena and Grazia Benedetta Reitano they remember their father, the great artist Mino Reitano to whom a museum has been dedicated in his native town, Fiumara.
From the slums of Eastern Europe to the streets of Rwanda, from the slums of Kenya to the pediatric oncology ward of the Regina Margherita in Turin, Peter Morello he dedicated his life to making children smile again through the notes of his piano. The book “I have a plan. What children taught me about happiness from the slums of Kenya to the slums of the East”, published by DeAgostini.

Accompanied by the Maestro’s notes Guido Morgavi an episode entirely dedicated to mothers.
Lilli Fusco And Martina Varriale they are mother and daughter, they talk about their relationship: Martina, pregnant in the fifth month, imagine what her future as a mother will be like, how will she look like her mother Lilli?
The actress Ludovica Di Donato she parodies Italian mothers and in particular her own who is a constant source of inspiration for her.
Franco Carrowho grew up in the 1960s in the Cinque Terre when they were still poor areas tied to agriculture, nostalgically talks about his mother and their very strong bond.

Luke Terruzzi from the De Carlini blow shop, in Macherio in the province of Monza Brianza, tells the story of the ancient craft of creating decorations and objects in blown glass, an art that he learned from his maternal grandfather.
Marco Floris is a fourth generation craftsman of the cowbells of Tonara, Nuoro, a tool used in breeding and for the characteristic Sardinian masks.
There Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation promotes its campaign on bequests aimed at raising funds to train doctors, researchers and nurses and give a future to care and hope.


November 25, 2022

Solar time: tribute to Mino Reitano – Press Office