South Carolina uses Pokémon and memes to raise awareness of hurricanes

Since South Carolina are using the saga of Pokémon and memes to raise awareness about hurricanes and the problem for society that these weather phenomena represent.

Throughout its history, the State is in the top 10 where hurricanes hit the most. A study It showed that from 1851 to 2018, South Carolina saw 30 hurricanes hit its land.

As such it is important that the residents of said state of north america prepare for inclement weather during a “Hurricane season“, as they say from Dexerto.


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It may be that from Spain this is little or nothing important, since seeing a hurricane like the ones in SC is unlikely. But if we want to travel there or someone we know and/or a family member lives in the State, it is good to know the climate of the region.

For this reason the South Carolina Division of Emergency Management is responsible for providing an action plan to keep all residents of the region safe and healthy.

But this DGECS has slightly changed its plan of action with users in RRSS in an attempt to reach broader audiences (that is, young people and adolescents) on Twitter.

Their official account in the social network of the little bird has used song lyrics like Nickelback Photograph Y Love Train by The O’Jays. As a curiosity, the Nickelback song was also known on Vine as a meme.

And now they have varied again using the saga created by The Pokémon Company to reach other types of audiences that are very attentive to video games.

On August 5, the DGECS made a new remix with the pokemon anime theme song. This parody mixes elements of that song with a hurricane prevention plan.

I will be the best, as no one will ever be, preparing them is my true test, planning it is my cause“Says the first part of the letter they have created and that can be seen in the Twitter thread.

The parody has also changed the iconic Pokemon catchphrase from “Get all” a “prepare them all” in reference to the goal they have in mind to encourage hurricane prevention.

They also included lyrics like “Teach children to understand. The power inside of me…” and the like to encourage this feat.

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Unfortunately for many (and the creators) it is not that this has been very popular. Right now and at the time of writing this article the main tweet has 3 Retweets 2 Quoted Tweets and 13 Likes.

It seems that not many residents have been amused by this, whether it’s the mix with Pokémon or the attempt itself.

Despite this, it is a good attempt on the part of the South Carolina Division of Emergency Managementat least they have not remained in crude dry attempts.

Would you have any better ideas for this? Now that Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple for the Nintendo Switch are dropping, maybe it’s a good time.

South Carolina uses Pokémon and memes to raise awareness of hurricanes