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For 23 years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone produced a season of the hit animated series South Park like clockwork. When the Covid 2020 pandemic hit they were forced to adjust their schedule and since then seasons have taken on a shorter format with a greater focus on TV specials. Their deal with Paramount+ saw the series receive $900 million for a 30-season series renewal as well as 14 specials, according to Decider.

While a premiere date has yet to be announced for Season 26, fans can rest assured that the creators of South Park are preparing for it. The animated show is renowned for its crude comedy and sharp critiques of the most recent news events. It has a wide cast of characters to storytell and by doing the show one week at a time, it’s always relevant. The loyal fan base has treated the show the way the internet treats every show, which is to say, by creating memes to express their feelings and thoughts about it, and they do a great job of summing up South Park in one single picture.

More South Park Episodes

South Park is famous for how quickly a story goes from an idea to an actual episode. There’s an HBO documentary about their process, 6 Days to Air, which shows how much work goes into creating a single 22-minute animated show.

Amazingly, they were able to maintain this process for an entire year at the start of the series. There was a time when it felt like there was a new episode every week and that’s because South Park would split a long season into two, giving 14 episodes a year instead of the six it made in 2022.

I thought it was America

Randy Marsh’s famous episode steal line from South Park season 9, episode 5 “The Losing Edge” has overtaken the episode itself and is now used constantly in memes and in response to whatever people say. line find “undemocratic”. Randy yells “I thought it was America” ​​after being arrested for getting into a fight at a Little League game.

The way Randy asks this question sums up the show perfectly. South Park often creates ridiculous scenarios about current events and then points out that the absurd situation isn’t too far removed from what’s going on.

Butters character development

Butters Stotch wasn’t even a main character on the show until Kenny was temporarily dropped from the show in Season 6. Butters is a naive young boy whose innocence and willingness to trust anyone cause him , to him and his friends, all sorts of trouble. And his childishness compared to his friends is always funny.

Every time Butters steals the show in South Park every time there’s an episode where he impersonates a new character. Some of his roles have other names for butter: Margarine for when he pretended to be a girl, and Mantequilla for when he pretended to be from Mexico.

you are a towel

South Park introduced dozens of disposable characters to the series who only make one appearance and then either get killed off or simply disappear. At first, Towelie seemed like one of those characters appearing in Season 5 Episode 8 and her story seemed to have happened there.

Towelie’s only appearance was so popular that Stone and Parker decided to keep bringing him back, including an episode where he works in a restaurant and accuses a customer of being a towel like in the meme. One of many towel-themed slogans for the cartoon character. Now he’s a recurring character working with Randy on Tegridy Farms and is an example of how just about anything can become a central part of South Park.

Simple animations

One of the cornerstones of South Park is the series’ simplicity of animation and artwork. When the show was first created, it was cut out of displaced footage as a raw form of stop-motion animation. To this day, it is done the same way but with computers to speed up the process.

The raw designs not only set it apart from other shows as a signature, but also allowed Stone and Parker to do the show in less than a week. The animation is so remarkable that even something as simple as a lens flare can only be one character.

Politics and South Park

South Park always takes pictures of all the happenings in the United States and world governments, finding humor in the most nasty parts of politics. It created a back-and-forth early on in the series of people debating whether one topic or another is taken too far.

Stone and Parker love to crack a floor joke, including one about Donald Trump during his presidency. Mr. Garrison playing Donald Trump, Tegridy Farms, and movie parodies are all sorts of running gags that some fans love and others are sick of.

‘Bout Tree Fiddy

In just about any Reddit comment thread, IG post, or Twitter comment section, there’s bound to be at least one person repeating “‘Bout tree fiddy” in response to someone asking about the cost. of an item. This line, spoken by Chef’s parents, is from South Park season 3, episode 3.

It’s a ridiculous line and related to the Loch Ness Monster like the one in the meme that has been associated with the dinosaur jumping game Chrome. The ubiquity of this seemingly inconsequential quote shows how even the smallest joke in the series can become something much bigger when the fandom takes hold of it.

Randy Marsh as main character

The first dozen seasons of South Park saw the town’s children take center stage with a few episodes including the adults in subplots or secondary characters in the main plot. But as the years passed and Stone and Parker grew older, Randy Marsh began to take center stage. Randy’s episodes have become more frequent and by this point he’s as much of a main character as any of the four boys.

It was a great decision from the creators. Randy is one of the funniest characters on TV right now and can be a part of mature storylines the boys never could. His “fight me” pose from the episode he’s writing a Broadway play has been used in countless memes by people expressing their love for the overconfident and melodramatic cartoon dad.

They took our jobs

South Park’s humor can be hard to explain. It’s vast and covers everything from puns to parody to crude humor. Matt Stone and Trey Parker don’t just have one trick and can crack clever jokes to match the best comedy TV has to offer.

But often the jokes that are remembered the most are the ones that seem funny. An example is the one shown in this meme, blue collar characters scream about their jobs until they don’t even say a word. That shouted, scrambled sound of “Derker Der!” is so popular that next season’s episodes include it whenever it can be integrated.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker

What South Park can do that no other animated show wants to do is why each episode is as relevant to current world events as any current affairs show. South Park creates its episodes one at a time, every week, just in time to air. In this way, it is closer to SNL than Family Guy.

This meme gives just one example of why Stone and Parker might be fired up after a notable news event. When something like the 94th Academy Awards goes live, Stone and Parker’s minds begin to race as they think of a way to write an episode about it.

South Park: 10 memes that sum up the show perfectly | Pretty Reel