Four years after the release of “Stup Virus”, an album that left us frankly skeptical despite a successful crowdfunding campaign, Julien Barthélémy, alias King Ju, is back with a fifth album of excellent quality. The tyrant of this quirky universe, a mixture of hip hop, rock and variety songs, resurrects his bestiary, like the eternal Pop Hip – who died in the previous episode, and now returned from darkness transformed into death – living. King Ju, as a magnanimous leader, proves to be particularly generous with his audience, and now with this new album, he seems to come back to life to the sound of his hypnotic loops. Prepare to bleed esgourdes, “Stup Forever” puts bullets in our walkman!

“Stup Forever” marks a new chapter in the unique world of Stup. We find the characters and multiple references to previous opuses, which will not leave the fans of the group unmoved. King Ju comes back accompanied by his friends Mc Salo and Cadillac, to throw us little explosive things that blow us up in the face. The single “In your walkman” opens the ball in the form of a hymn as down to earth as it is grandiloquent, like the group’s previous “hits” (“Stupeflip”, “Le Krou kontre attack”, “Stupeflip vite !”). Julien Barthélémy is the master of strings and rich rhymes, perfectly mastering the writing and development of his characters (“Strange phenomena”, “Shark attack”). King Ju disseminates personal references in his lyrics, like pixie dust of a dark and vulnerable Merlin (“I make art counting for nothing”, “Bow to the king who often failed everything” ).

Adept at reversals of situation, King Ju transforms into King Jah to dispel the darkness using the super smoker. “So good” finds an echo in the diptych “I smoke pu d’shit / Je refume du shit” and the unbearable reggae parody “Les Gens qui s’énervent” turns out to be perfectly heady. The return of Pop Hip as a disillusioned character, fallen king of pop on 72.8, is an additional twist in the history of Stup. However, if these various adventures keep us in suspense throughout this generous album (19 titles for a duration of 48 minutes despite the interludes, all the same…), King Ju proves to be much more effective when he reveals his part shady and becomes much more vindictive (“Revenge!!!”).

In the end, if “Stup Virus” had thrown like a cold, “Stup Forever” gives us a little balm in the heart – it is perhaps not the most delirious album of the Stup but here we are patched up with his universe , rawer, better mastered.


  1. Stup forever
  2. In your walkman (dtb)
  3. Cosmos 1999
  4. Strange Phenomena
  5. Joel’s addiction
  6. So good
  7. 7th Synod
  8. The xplosiff trick
  9. Tensions
  10. People who get angry
  11. Gluô
  12. The vaults
  13. sharkattack
  14. Pop Hip the living dead
  15. Tiger Crane
  16. The platform (feat Cadillac and mc Salo)
  17. Revenge!!!
  18. Federated Regions (feat mc Salo)
  19. Stay positive

Stupeflip – Stup Forever –