Subjugating science to LGBT ideology: the embarrassing theses of the biologist Gavallotti

Rome, 21 Sep – With that affected, at times swooning air, the biologist Barbara Gavallotti remember Merope Generosa, the parody of the tele-sexologist masterfully brought to the stage by the late Anna Marchesini. Unlike Marchesini, however, Gavallotti does not bring laughter but discouragement and great concern for the academic fate of Biology, if the premises are represented by the theses that she insists on supporting during the broadcasts to which she is invited. Remote controlled by ideologythe lady in fact does not notice (we do not want to be so malicious as to think that she does it intentionally, come on) that shaping science for the convenience of the LGBT agenda. Agenda she is clearly fond of, as we shall see.

Gavallotti: gender disinformation distorting biology

He did not miss the opportunity to do it even last night a On Tuesday, program on La7 conducted by Floris. Theme of the discussion, homogenity in humans, one of the many warhorses of the left as the standard bearer of «rights for all». And to clear the trade of children through customs uterus for rent (illegal in Italy) to gay couples, don’t you want to call her the essential expert de Lascienza ™ on the air?

Here she is. Gavallotti begins by talking about diversified parenting roles in the various animal species. «Each species organizes itself according to what has allowed its evolution, for example the seahorse receives two thousand eggs fertilized by the female in its belly and then gives birth to them. The typically maternal role in certain species is played by males ». And so far nothing to complain, even a first-grader knows that every animal species raises its offspring in specific ways, agreeing and diversifying the roles within the parental couple.

The roles of Homo sapiens? Only cultural

Modalities that, according to Gavallotti, would exist in nature for all species except humans. In this case we are talking about something else: no longer about nature but about culture, to be precise. This despite 2.5 million years of such existence Homoto which our species, the Sapiens, “Old” of 200 thousand years: “What is the role of the male and the role of the female in our species? It is not defined by nature but by culture“. Understood? In the last 200 thousand years, Homo sapiens has looked after its children according to the father-mother scheme solely for a cultural reason. Not because for at least two and a half million years (and even earlier with hominids such as australopithecines, 4.2 million years ago) hominid species have been perpetrated naturally through the union of father and mother: but only, purely for culture. Patriarchal culture, it is assumed. That horrifying social system that – no one knows how – has allowed our civilization to evolve to this day without gay adoptions and men who get pregnant.

Gavallotti and science at the service of ideology

The human being has been raised for hundreds of thousands of years in a mixed-parent family not thanks to the certified differences in brain characteristics between men and women – volume, weight, structure, composition, functioning of the brain, interaction between the two hemispheres – which lead to a substantial differentiation of the two genders which are then responsible for the complementarity of parental roles. These are all nonsense, because Gavallotti extracts Lo Studio ™ from the hat (without mentioning which, of course) which certifies that children raised with two fathers or two mothers are perfectly fine. She is Lascienza ™, so you have to listen to her.

‘Studies have been done on children who have grown up and raised by same-sex parents and there has been no difference in their development compared to children raised by families consisting of mother and father. There is therefore no male and female role in biology, it is only cultural ». Moral of the story: even a seahorse may be entitled to a defined parental role. L’homo sapiens he is a pure air puppet who has renounced biology to prostrate himself to “cultural” roles. “Very scientific, Barbara. ‘

Cristina Gauri

Subjugating science to LGBT ideology: the embarrassing theses of the biologist Gavallotti