Tango surpassed Champagne and the “rogue press” thanks to Lionel Messi

Three years ago our football had everything against it after the failure shared by Claudio Tapia with Jorge Sampaoli: frustration in Russia 2018. In journalism “big people” made a parody: from the panelists who stood up to do “a minute of silence”.. A big deal.

Not everyone remembers veterans of journalism also young people, they were merciless with the DT. lionel scaloni. Media, influential, alluded “to the lack of identity” in the game of the selected team, even though the coach had not yet embodied the idea.

The players not so well known by the Argentine public “came”, all on the radar of Scaloni and his allies in the coaching staff: Pablo Aimar, Walter Samuel, Roberto Fabián Ayala, among those cited by DT. at the last press conference. A luxury coaching staff.

Suddenly, Argentina “discovered” Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez, Christián “Cuti” Romero, Nahuel Molina, Nicolás González that did not arrive; the DT. confirmed to Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico, Marcos Acuña, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul. All “from Scaloni”. Three years.

He added to Tucuman exequiel palaciosto the countryman Joaquin Correa, the juveniles Alexis Mac Allister, Julián Alvarez and Enzo Fernández. without forgetting Giovanni Lo Celso, neither Angelito Correa nor Juan Foyth

The finding of Lisandro Martinez. On the tour, the selected player had game and guts from other successes.

The World Cups ’78 and ’86. Football well played. Below, Lionel Messi referring to Diego Maradona in Mexico’86 and Enrique Omar Sívori, South American from Lima’57. Argentine soccer at its best.

The art to attack, the strength to defend. The skill, triangulation from the middle forward.

“It’s a great pity that in Argentina they didn’t see us when we scored eight goals against Colombia, three against Ecuador, six against Chile, four against Uruguay and three against Brazil,” commented the famous “Cabezón” in a journalistic interview, spring 2002.

The second Argentine a work of art when executing a counterattack. From the defensive rejection in eight or nine seconds the ball went through six Argentine players: after a failed cross from France, it went through Molina, De Paul, Messi, Julian Alvarez, Mac Allister who generously left him alone Say Maria. Fantastic.

Carlos Bilardo in June 1986 did not celebrate Jorge Valdano’s goal, in the 12th minute of the second half against Germany in the quick counterattack that had the former 9 from Ñuls and Real Madrid making a long diagonal, leaving the ball at the foot right of Hector Enrique. The “Black” pause. Pass and arrival of Valdano.

The open foot of the cerebral striker, a man of letters, a rare case in a soccer player, the corpulent Harald “Tony” Schumacher on the ground, Argentina gets two to zero. Carlos Pachamé hugs him while he asks:

“What’s up Carlos, don’t you celebrate?” asked the former multi-champion Estudiantes 5 in the days of Osvaldo Zubeldía. The “Pincha” from 65 to 70 full of local and international titles.

I don’t know, something weird is wrong with me. It goes too easy” replied the popular “Narigón” architect of the selected world champion. Good, It is possible that the same syndrome has run through the body of the Argentine bank when, in three minutes, France, which was defeated, in two plays achieved an unexpected tie.

Emotions left the country on the brink of a collective heart attack. France even seemed with the changes to have more air. The 2 to 2 left all kinds of sensations for the supplementary. Lionel Messi’s suspenseful goal, almost 35 years old, in the 112th minute of the final, the genius of the Grandoli club, Rosario, in the small area of ​​​​the “Blues”.

Once again, he appeared for Argentina. In minute 118 after a corner from the right, 12 players in the area, rejection, shot by Kyllian MBappé. I could go high. Or not. Gonzalo Montiel goes out to cover, his arm to cover his face. He hits her on his elbow. The Polish referee Szymon Marciniak. Excellent, he scored a penalty.

The 3 to 3 referred to a discount of four minutes. After 120. In a counterattack when Argentina changed blow for blow, the admitted Randal Muani, hand in hand against “Dibu”: At “point blank range”. A “firing”. The national hero as against Australia, in the end, he covered the shot and saved the defeat. Undeserved. Minute 123. No return.

Immediately Messi put a ball into the clearing -the umpteenth in the World Cup- to Montiel who went up like lightning from the right, the center at the head of Lautaro Martínez, if he hit it with the left parietal, crossing the header in minute 124, Argentina would win. It could not be.

The penalties put “Dibu” again between Ubaldo Fillol. World Cup 78 and Sergio Goycochea, World Cup Italy’90, miraculous combo when it comes to saving the national team. The end, the glory, for the performers, Messi, Paredes, Paulo Dybalathe fourth Montiel that from River, does not fail. Those of Marcelo Gallardo had 14 failures.

The end for “the rogue press“. Journalists who mocked. One who had “crossed” badly with Diego Maradona after qualifying in Montevideo, 2009, for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the one who lived through the embarrassment of “you have it inside” made another parody: On his knees, the journalist who does not honor the profession asked that Di María not be summoned.

The team lacks identity”, The same newspaper repeated that in Mexico ’86 he insulted Doctor Bilardo and his family before the World Cup. Montiel converted the fourth penalty. The same one who was mocked by one of his rivals, in the final against Boca in Madrid. A “chosen” to take revenge in life. Thus, he won the best football and lost “the hatred“. One more time.

By: Jose Luis Ponsico

Tango surpassed Champagne and the “rogue press” thanks to Lionel Messi