Test – Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, a sequel that does not leave unscathed

More opening, more gunfight but not at all terrifying, Resident Evil Village is a great action game with a successful decrepit and morbid atmosphere. Alternately glacial and gory, it offers moments of anthologies, with grotesque and Dantesque boss fights. But big strings remain with fairly linear exploration in the end, very easy puzzles, and a feeling of knowing when the big fights are coming. Thus, the title often oscillates between the experiences inherited from episodes four and seven, sometimes going so far as to parody itself. Fortunately, not too often to avoid falling into the big horn. And above all, he keeps an adventure reserving some well-felt reversals of situation, for a first journey of less than ten hours. The DLC Shadows of Rose does not bring much and only prolongs the adventure by 2h30. By adding up, we still arrive at a good lifespan for the genre. Especially since with challenges, four difficulty levels and the mercenary mode, you haven’t finished exploring the Village. I recommend this destination for your leisure. I give five stars on TripesAdvisor. Without hesitation.

Note: This is a review of Resident Evil Village original (released May 2021), updated for the release of the Gold Edition of which a paragraph is devoted at the very end

Previously, in Resident Evil 7

Not easy to follow an episode as strong as the Resident Evil 7. Dangerous even. This claustro-freaking closed door marked the spirits. Um, pretty traumatized, no? So when a new opus comes along taking the first person view, personally, I was in alternate mode. Suddenly, optimistic by reminding me of sequences of freaking out in Louisiana, sometimes pessimistic at the idea of ​​setting off again for a few easy effects of surprises or globular enemies.

Following the events that occurred in Louisiana, we find Ethan, who once again finds himself in spite of himself embarked on an impossible story. No, but the boy should really question his Karma. Well, for those who have a memory lapse, a short cutscene recalls his previous adventure in the preamble. But here, finished the family drama by definition entangled in the property of Baker. Also finished the bayou, Ethan had the brilliant idea of ​​settling in a region of the world reminiscent of Romania. And of course, it will turn into seagull poo (disaster level higher than peanut).

As much to tell you directly, I have been enough pleasantly surprised by the quality of the story and its overall staging. Clearly less creepy, less intimate, less visceral than those of the seventh, this new episode nevertheless brings a fresh wind of pure and hard action and gain a real identity. As his name suggests, Ethan finds himself in an unwelcoming town. Moreover, it looks more like a labyrinth dotted with keys to collect, small puzzles not very difficult characteristics of the series. But this “exploration”, in the end quite restricted and on rails, slice (ahah) with Baker’s property. A certainly limited feeling of freedom but the quality of the decorations and the horrifying atmosphere do the rest. We really have the impression of setting foot where events beyond belief have taken place and where Ethan is going to drool. An immersion in unknown and hostile land.

Next in ideas

Hmm, a land not so unknown. And not so hostile in fact. So yes, there are anthology scenes. Dantesque fights. Grotesque and impressive monsters. Characters that are “instant classics”. But in between, we end up with small phases of collecting objects by unlocking the passage as we go by finding a key. Then a larger area, an arena where we already know there will be a fight. Gimmicks that will accompany Ethan until the end.

The village serves as a central area to gradually access boss lairs. Classic but smart, because Capcom has a real know-how to maintain the feeling of exploration, to shape a map where with shortcuts, you always land on your feet. Ah well, I was talking about the bosses, just a word to say how successful they are. Unique in their kind, sometimes the time of their confrontation brings a short revival of gameplay. Rare moments of bravery. On the other hand, apart from that, in normal difficulty mode, the fights are very quickly dispatched. Resident Evil Village yet puts the pressure well with the reception reserved for Ethan when he arrives, thus recalling the fourth opus, with barricades, leaks on the roofs and stress of being submerged. Filiation, homage, or even parody even goes so far as to interrupt it with bells ringing.

The feeling of absolute urgency will not be felt any longer. The fault with a provided arsenal, frequent resources to manufacture care, ammunition and explosives. The bestiary seems to come from Eastern European folklore. Lycanthropes, ghouls and other fantastic creatures rendered deliciously dead, then thawed in the open air (then remorse, then…) will allow Ethan to practice his marksmanship. Alas, he badly needs it. Indeed, this idiot always holds his weapon strangely and I always have the impression that the shooting will be crap. Well, in the end, the enemies take their bullets… But why not be able to point your gun correctly, aim with your sights and operate according to the rules of the art?


welcome stranger

In this opus, a merchant will accompany you during your journey. Offering some pretty funny references to Resident Evil 4it offers the only light moments to a horror and gory action story, very first degree. In truth, always bloody action and never horrific. To tell the truth, it often happened to me to run in the zones not yet explored. Unthinkable in the Resident Evil 7 ! In the Village, I felt confident, with my arsenal and this prescience to feel that the fight will be further, in this large room appearing on my card. And I was never wrong. So to shiver, do not count on this opus. Ah, and there’s no need to bet on infiltration or avoidance. Where it was sometimes necessary to play Baker, here, the powder is always right.

Reading this test, you understand, dear reader, dear reader, that episodes four and seven are often quoted. Because this resident Evil “huitage” cheerfully borrows gimmicks from these two cult games. So I’m bothered. But be careful, huh! Not because I’m talking about big strings already seen in these two monuments but during the nine hours necessary to complete the story, I was pleasantly surprised a few times by twists “but no” style.


A Rose that lacks spice

One of the big additions of this Gold Edition is theintroduction of the third person view whether for the DLC Shadows of Rose or the main adventure. Unfortunately, I very quickly felt that this had not been planned for at all. In small restricted areas, we especially admire the back of our character and we completely miss the effects that are supposed to startle us. On the other hand, the viewing comfort is good and those who swear by this view will be generally satisfied, even if it is not necessary to find themselves in cramped places.

The other contribution is obviously the DLC featuring Rose, Ethan’s daughter. Time has passed, we find her a teenager, badly in her skin and Supposedly endowed with extraordinary powers. Good in real life, it’s a bit of a scam its capabilities, I’ll come back to it a little later. This content plays it Inception Where Evil Within because after hazy explanations, here is Rose magically embarked in the consciousness of the Megamycete. Her objective is quite stupid too, namely to recover a miraculous crystal supposed to rid her of her powers that she no longer wants. Ah, but let’s talk about the latter. They boil down to stunning the enemies for a few seconds. That’s all ? Almost, Rose unlocks some super badass stuff, but of course at the very end of the final boss fight, a big deal… In addition, during the 2h30 of DLC, we carry around a young woman who goes at a ridiculous speed! Even me with my MS, I have more vivacity. Thus, the fights are often painfully heavy. There are some good action sequences but it’s still disappointing. Otherwise, the sets are a lazy recycling of areas already present in the base game. The castle, the dollhouse, the village… Zero surprises, zero inventions. All the same, there remains a screenplay opening at the very end, auguring that we are not finished with Rose.


Accessibility criteria

Visual Impairment Hearing impairment
✘ High Contrast (Aiming Reticle) ✘ Subtitles with mood hints
✘ Font color size ✔ Identification of the person speaking
✘ Marking enemies ✘ Customizable font
✘ Customizable interface ✘ Customizable font color
✘ Customizable minimap color ✘ Alternative alert options (vibration, flash…)
✘ Color blindness option ✘ Reported ambient sounds (notifies about presence)
✘ Text to speech option
✘ Game Slowdown

Test conditions

TV details 4K Game provided by the publisher yes
Console Xbox Series X Time spent in game 66 hours
Difficulty level normal then hardcore Game over yes

Test – Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, a sequel that does not leave unscathed