The 2023 legislative elections in Benin: Azannaï and his party appreciate the results

Opposed to the holding of the legislative elections of January 8, 2023, the Restoring Hope party spoke out on the results of these elections. Through a press release, the party attacked the 28 deputies of the democrats and congratulated the people of Benin for having abstained at more than 60% from participating in “this electoral parody”.

Former Minister Candide Azannaï and his political party have not changed their opinion regarding the holding of the legislative elections on Sunday January 8, 2023 and the participation of the Democrats in this electoral competition. In a press release made public on January 11, the party warmly salutes the militant populations and addresses “ its patriotic congratulations to the valiant People of Benin standing up for having put up a worthy resistance by their frank refusal by more than 60% to endorse the electoral parody of January 08, 2023“.

In doing so, by its stubborn peaceful and non-violent resistance, our People have once again delivered a scathing disavowal to the rupture outside the ballot box to its governance of cunning, rage and hatred.“, we read in the press release signed by the general secretary of the party.

According to the leaders of the Restoring Hope party, the majority of the resisting people rejects by more than 60% the governance of President Patrice Talon and also dissociates itself from ” the treachery of impostors and sellers of illusions constituted as farce opponents of which the party called The Democrats is one of the most dishonorable prototypes“, says the press release.

For the party of former minister Candide Azannaï, on arrival, the legislative elections of last Sunday did not change the hegemony of the dictatorship at the level of Parliament. “In reality, the 28 deputies assigned by compromise to the political party known as the Democrats will not be able to keep any of their commitments”, certifies the party RE. They will in no way be able to rehabilitate democracy, restore freedoms and the rule of law, repeal the panoply of rogue laws, ensure the peaceful return of political exiles, demand compensation for all the political despoiled…, specifies Candide Azannai and his people.

For the Restoring Hope party, Benin’s greatest current challenge is to reconcile the people of Benin among themselves and reconnect in peace with freedoms, the rule of law and democracy. This, according to party officials, requires national dialogue to allow the Nation to reconcile with itself.

The final result of the legislative

According to the results published by the Constitutional Court on Thursday, the main trends of the Cena have been confirmed. Thus, the UP le Renouveau comes first with 53, followed by the BR and the LD party which each obtained 28 seats.

Regarding the rates obtained by the three qualified for the sharing of seats, the Court made slight changes to the figures of the Cena. It retained 37.57% for UP le Renouveau, 29.23% for BR and 24.16% for Les Démocrates.

As for the non-qualified parties, Moele-Benin found itself at 2.29%. MPL won 1.28%, UDBN 1.07% and FCBE 4.42%.

The 2023 legislative elections in Benin: Azannaï and his party appreciate the results