The 48/64 EP. 4: The history of Polystyrene editions,

After many adventures surrounding the organization of the recording of this fourth part of 48/64, Thomas, Louis, Sacha and Théo managed to meet around a table to discuss comics.

The 48/64 EP. 4: The history of Polystyrene editions, "The Trumpets of Death"the animated adaptation of Chainsaw Man, "Eden"

Start the program with the second Indie chronicle of the tall lanky. Théo tells you the story of the Polystyrene editions, a group of friends straight out of the fine arts of Angoulême and whose shared passions for experimenting with comics and the manipulation of unusual book objects have led to the creation of an editorial structure as rare in recent times as it is precious to the world of the 9th art. A new chapter in the history of independent comic book publishing to listen to without delay!

Louis continues the program with the chronicle of The Trumpets of Death of Simon Bournel Bosson, a solo debut album for the author, published by L’Agrume, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Ecology, cinema, psychedelia and anthropology are the main topics discussed by the table. As Louis wrote on ActuaBD: “Released at the start of the school year in a wave of albums dealing with our relationship to the living, such as “Les Pizzlys”, “La Dernier Reine” or to a certain extent “Hoka Hey”, “Les Trompettes de la mort” he able to find its place?


Sacha’s Multibubble then returns. After leading you to the ends of the imaginable world with Gou Tanabe and his Lovecraft’s masterpieces which he described as cosmic horror, our columnist continues his odyssey through formats with the anime adaptation of the manga chain saw manwritten and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto and published by Kazé editions. Considered by his peers as one, if not the genius of his generation, and after enjoying spectacular exposure at the last FIBD, will Tatsuki Fujimoto and studio Mappa manage to overcome once again? adversity and convince the master of the Multibulle?


Finally, listen to Thomas tell you all the good things he thinks about the latest album by Sophie Guerrivemother of the philosopher-bear Tulipe, four of whose adventures have already been published by the 2024 editions. Entitled Eden, the comic strip chose to make Tulip a priest who went in search of the Garden of Eden in a medieval universe. The opportunity for the author to approach with the finesse and intelligence that we know from her new subjects conducive to both reflection and discussion.


4’44 – The indie Chronicle of the tall lanky, Polystyrene editions

17’12 – “The Trumpets of Death” by Simon Bournel-Bosson (ed. L’Agrume)

33’58 – Le Multibulle, the animated adaptation of “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto (ed. Kazé)

48’35 – “Éden” by Sophie Guerrive (ed. 2024)

1’04’50 – Surprise and preparation for the special Christmas episode

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The 48/64 EP. 4: The history of Polystyrene editions,