The 6 best football movies of all time

In addition to watching football matches, films about the sport offer fans an interesting opportunity to get even closer to the subject of football. The soccer movies of this world cover a huge variety of subjects. Documentaries about Serie A best goalkeeper 2022 and historical film adaptations offer a fun and exciting take on football.

There are some football movies that no football fan should miss. These are films that belong to a wide variety of genres. However, football is always at the heart of the stories. Below we present the most popular football movies of all time.

Why are soccer movies so popular?

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is therefore not surprising that millions of fans all over the world are looking for the corresponding films. There are a multitude of films dealing with a wide variety of subjects. Sports documentaries, true or completely fictional stories that give a vision of sport. In short, there is always a film for all tastes.

The fascination of football can be captured particularly well in films and allows players to be portrayed or the history of important events in the sport captured. But filmmakers also use football as a basis for addressing social and political issues.

In addition to films that deal with football as a central theme, football series are also becoming increasingly popular. This allows you to tell even more detailed stories and look even deeper behind the scenes of the events, clubs and people who have shaped football.

Bend it like Beckham

“Bend it like Beckham” is a 2002 British-American innovative sports comedy film. The film tells the story of an Indian teenager who wants to become a professional soccer player and highlights the themes of immigration, identity and expectations social. As she struggles with her family’s traditionalism and the social acceptance of her teammates, she finds her own way to fulfill her dreams on the court.

With its witty dialogues and important messages, “Bend it like Beckhamstands out as one of the most successful football films in history. The characters are captivating, the entertainment value is high, and the themes covered are still current, making the film must-have entertainment.

The Miracle of Bern

“The Miracle of Bern”, from 2003, is a World War II drama that recounts one of the greatest German sporting events of all time, the 1954 World Cup. Directed by Wolfgang Becker, the movie is told from Richard Lubanski’s point of view. The boy grows up in an incredibly painful time for Germany.

Despite the despair surrounding his country, Richard finds solace and hope in his national football team and its unlikely victory in the 1954 World Cup final. With breathtaking images that capture both Germany’s darkness and the potential of the football, The Miracle of Bern is not only an inspiring story of sportsmanship, but also of renewal and hope.


“Goal!” is an inspiring football film that is worth seeing. It tells the story of a young and determined football player from Los Angeles who is determined to make it big. The film focuses on Santiago Muñez and his struggle to prove his worth in a team that favors strength and strategy over raw talent. It also follows his relationships with those who want to help him along the way.

In addition to his estranged father, these include a sports agent and a former Newcastle United Football Club manager. Overall, the inspiring and truthful cast, friendships born beyond unlikely boundaries and unexpected twists make “Goal! ” an unforgettable cinematic experience that will touch the hearts of all football fans.


Released in 2018, Trautmann is one of the most remarkable feature films of recent years. It tells the incredible story of German soldier Bert Trautmann and his adopted homeland, “Manchester, United Kingdom”. After fighting on the Eastern Front in World War II, Trautmann was captured and held as a prisoner of war before being able to return to England.

Despite being booed by fans on his first appearance, he joined rivals Manchester City as goalkeeper, where he immediately proved to be the star of the team and a crowd favorite. With outstanding performances on and off the pitch, Trautmann overcame the barriers of racism and created an inspiring legacy that still lasts to this day.

The Football Factory

The “Football Factory” is a 2004 British film that shows the chaotic life of a group of young London hooligans. Explore the themes of male bonding and loyalty and examine how hooligans can influence society. The film follows protagonist Tommy Johnson, a man who seems to have it all on the outside but is struggling on the inside.

With its documentary style, the film captures a glimpse into the life of a soccer hooligan and makes the audience understand what it’s like to struggle behind an intimidating facade of violence and aggression. With a mixture of harsh reality and a nostalgic journey into one’s past, ‘The Football Factory’ paints an instructive but harrowing portrait of youth in urban Britain.


“Hooligans” is a highly regarded film that has earned a well deserved place in the thriller genre. The film, starring Elijah Woodtells the story of Matt, an American studying abroad in England.

When he learns that his English teammates are football hooligans, Matt becomes involved in their activities and begins to understand what drives them to such reckless actions. “Hooligans” offers an interesting perspective on hooliganism and its effect on the characters. The film is an absolute must for all thriller fans thrilling not only football lovers.


With its original premise, creative visuals and surprisingly entertaining screenplay, the film “Diamantino” was a real surprise. Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt’s film is a wonderfully surreal story following the misadventures of the main character, European soccer star Diamantino Matamouros.

The film is both a homage and a parody aimed at the world of football by targeting political issues such as immigration with tongue-in-cheek humour, in a fun and refreshing way.

The 6 best football movies of all time