“The Assembly is Koh Lanta”: the parody song of the deputy of Poissy divides the political world

Karl Olive, MP for Poissy (Yvelines), posted a clip to accompany his song. (©Twitter screenshot)

Like what it is not always the same verse that we serve politicians. Karl Olive, the Renaissance MP for Poissy (twelfth constituency), sings in his spare time. In his bathroom, no doubt, but not only. When he was mayor, the earthy elected official was already showing off his vocal talents at the banquet for seniors in his city and in videos posted on social networks.

Parliamentarian since last April, he has not given up on music. This 1er January 2023to celebrate the new year, he pushed the song on Twitter, in a cover of the song of his own “The Divorced”, by Michel Delpech, released in 1973.

“If you saw our bills, in the Assembly it’s Koh Lanta. The whole hemicycle wants its totem. “Karl Olive, light vibrato in the voice, has completely revisited this classic of the French variety, renamed “The deputies”, by rewriting the lyrics around his life since he sits at the Palais Bourbon. Images of his daily life, punctuated by sequences filmed in the first person, make up the clip adorned with the logo of the Parliament, seen more than 130,000 times on January 2 in the afternoon.

“If we lack anything, there is always the 49.3 that Elisabeth can draw”

The initiative is to be taken in the second degree. Selected pieces: “If we lacked anything, there is always the 49.3 that Elisabeth can draw. We don’t want to come to this, the opposition is doing everything for that, and the majority must move forward. »

We also noted this passage, illustrated by the images of last November 3 at the National Assembly, when Gregory of Fournasdeputy RN, had chanted “he (s) return (s) to Africa” ​​while his LFI counterpart Carlos Martens Bilongo, of African origin, spoke on the fate of migrants in the Mediterranean. “Now you know it’s over, but I still hallucinated, we thought we were in Intervilles. Obviously, there’s no Zitrone, there’s no Guy Lux, there’s no Simone, but cows could live there. »

Many Twittos salute his performance and his lightness: “Bravo. You sing very well and it’s very original! Very happy new year to you. “Others, many too, are more critical: “France is sinking but at least we are having fun…”

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He is not the first in politics to give voice in this way. From Nicolas Sarkozy to Marine Le Pen, via Arlette Laguiller and Lionel Jospin, more than one has already distinguished himself in this way on television sets. Where it’s more original with Karl Olive is that the “singing deputy” even tries his hand at parody.

The video of his performance did not go unnoticed by his colleagues in Yvelines and elsewhere. She makes some people coughwhich draw a parallel with the morale of the French weighed down by inflation.

“The positive point is that he sings well”

“I won’t get into that even though I like to sing a lot. My head is elsewhere right now. I am rather concerned about the seriousness of the situation”, squeaks, in off, one of our contacts in Yvelin who sits in the majority in the Assembly. “The positive point is that he sings well, another has fun. A member shouldn’t do that. It’s ridiculous. It brings nothing. It’s too much. It’s a bit like “look at me”, “look at me”, Martine at the beach. »

Benjamin Lucas (Nupes), elected in the eighth constituency (Mantes-la-Jolie), also recognizes the singing talents of his political opponent. “I don’t judge the way he communicates. It’s not the idea of ​​the century, but it didn’t shock me. I can understand that this seems out of step with what the people who suffer in France are going through. It is also necessary to underline the way in which he speaks of the 49.3. »

Natalia Pouzyreff, LREM MP for the sixth constituency (Saint-Germain-en-Laye), is more positive: “You have to stay light. It’s his style. It’s all spitting Karl Oive”. What does the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, elected from the fifth constituency (Sartrouville / Maisons-Laffitte) think? “It’s an original and nice way to wish the French people a happy new year,” she told 78 Actu. There should be no malice behind it. It’s friendly and charming. »

Jacques Myard, LR deputy from 1993 to 2017 in this territory, sees it rather as a false note on the part of “KO”, which he would prefer to see in another register: “It’s lamentable! He mocks the office of elected official. He sings his obituary. If he can sing, that’s the only quality we can find in him. »

The song written in an hour

By contacting Karl Olive for this matter, we got his voice mail… Where he resumes Sacha Distel: “Oh the good life… A little beep, a message, and I call back…” Then, he called us back, via Whatsapp.

This “lover of French song”, who does not “take themselves seriously”tells us that he wrote the lyrics in an hour, an afternoon “to retrace” his journey over the past six months.

“Every year, for wishes, I try to find something positive. It is important I find in this fractured society. »

Karl OliveMember of Parliament for the 12th constituency

Aware that he was going to arouse criticism, he relativizes: “The idea was to make people smile, to challenge and to send messages. When you are elected, you have to know how to show discernment. I have no lesson to take from anyone. »

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“The Assembly is Koh Lanta”: the parody song of the deputy of Poissy divides the political world