The chaos of parody accounts on Twitter and how it is hitting where it hurts the most

In the midst of the chaos of the digital world, the little bird’s social network is experiencing particularly strange times. As we walked through Twitter we found that an account of the electric car company Tesla —with blue popcorn included— reported an emergency one of their cars had crashed into the second tower of the World Trade Center.

Yes, making a reference to the attacks on the September 11, 2001.

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The account turned out to be parody, obvious; but a new trend of memes and business jokes in the wake of the blue check popcorn is causing a tremendous headache to the company of Elon Musk.

The chaos of parody accounts

Until a few days ago, a blue popcorn in your account Twitter Meant that it was verified that you were who you said you were. so were you Rihanna or the president Joe Bidenthat small mark gave certainty that, whatever stupidity they wrote, came from a confirmed official source.

However, since the subscription arrived Twitter Bluefor the small amount of 8 dollars anyone can have one of those.

Now yes: Elon Musk makes the purchase of Twitter official
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Those Wholesale blue popcorn has created real chaos for the Twitter moderation team that can’t control the jokes, ridicule or criticism received by very large companies global —in the form of “verified accounts”.

In addition to the parody account of Tesla announcing that it had crashed into the World Trade Centeralso appeared messages from fake accounts of Lockheed Martina military aerospace company, warning of US Army abuses.

children’s video games Roblox they said they would add content nopor to its platform, the banana company petite confirmed that it destabilizes politics in Latin America and the giant pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly warned that insulin would be freeinstead of the exorbitant prices it is used to charging.

All those messages were from parody accounts, but blue popcorn forced companies to apologize.

Apology from Eli Lilly

The comments on Twitter they made fun of this new parody account trend which finish unmasking the darker sides of companiescausing awkward situations. “The new game is about getting multinational corporations to sue Elon Musk until he goes bankrupt,” joked a journalism researcher.

Pasting directly into the wallet

interesting thing here —beyond the jokes that do make you laugh— is that This chaos of parody accounts is taking a toll on Twitter’s portfolio.

A report of Wall Street Journal revealed that the largest multinational corporations are curbing their investments in the social network and they even say that they have stopped buying all kinds of ads for questions about content moderation, fake accounts, or questions about verifying your accounts.

The report mentions some of the largest food, retail or automotive companies on the entire planet.

In a message to placate doubts, Elon Musk commented that they were looking for Twitter to be a safe space for advertisers in which they could “grow their brand” without major risks due to their platform. The tycoon has also had a series of personal meetings with global advertising brands.

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Then, a worrying development emerged.

The first email was leaked Elon Musk sent the workers Twitter in which he warned that there is possibility that the company will not survive financially. He warned that the vast majority of their income depends on sponsors, so they wanted to boost the subscription service.

In his ad, as if that were not enough, he spoke of what a bankruptcy would look like on Twitter or the advances of the regulators in the United States.

Twitter seeks to ban parody accounts

So how is Twitter looking to fix this parody account chaos?

Though Elon Musk wrote that “there were very funny tweets”However, he announced that all parody accounts will be suspended. The new policies Twitter they ask that —if it is a parody account— say it clearly in his biography and in his name. “Deceiving people is not right,” said the tycoon.

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Meanwhile, the company is still in limbo or making untimely changes.

On the one hand, they announced that they will continue trying, announced that apply the “Official” label to distinguish between verified accounts or those that paid $8. On the other hand, recent reports confirm that the Twitter Blue service could end for suspend the long-awaited popcorn, to avoid problems.

The chaos of parody accounts on Twitter and how it is hitting where it hurts the most