The Cinghios debut with their first reality show: a hilarious parody of Master chef |

COSENZA – A hilarious chat with Valentino dei Cinghiosa comedy that comes immediately, in view of the release of their first reality show, Master Cinghios, a parody of the famous international culinary art program, Master Chef.

Debut on 24 February on the group’s social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok. A production by Ivan Greco for Pubbliora Calabriadivided into six episodes broadcast every Thursday evening at 21.30.

Twelve aspiring chefs competing, selected by the Cinghios themselves, who will gradually compete for the place as winner in the last episode. The tests will focus on the participants’ knowledge in dealing with the typical ingredients of the Calabrian territory and the consequent implementation of the dishes of our land. All seasoned with the comedy of the four comedians from Cosenza who will be judges together to chef Roberto Spizzini of the “Maccheroni Chef Academy” of the chef Corrado Rossi.

It will be right there Maccheroni Academy of Cosenza to host the programideal location for the culinary tests of the 12 competitors.

The debut of Cinghio’s takes place at the end of the 90s, when Valentino, Daniele, Domenico and Marco almost as a joke, start posting amateur videos made on the street and by chance on Youtube, dubbing them in the Cosentino dialect. From amateur ones, the four young friends move on to dub videos of famous characters and clips from popular and important movies and cartoons. From one parody to another the step to success is shorttens of thousands of fallowers and likes on each sketch posted and social media do nothing but amplify this media tam tam.

A bit of “Calabrian” that reaches the world, reaching thousands of countrymen abroad and above all, in a period of forced closure for Covid, a way to dissolve the fear and tension spread a bit in everyone’s soul. The genius of Cinghio’s perhaps lies precisely in this, a natural talent in transforming even sad and / or tedious things into a crescendo of laughter. Even during the filming, ours admit that between competitors and the television crew, led by Lucio Didona, it had become common practice to be out of breath with laughter.

How to keep this standard of humor and irony always high? “Re-reading what surrounds us with the eyes of irony and sometimes sarcasm, the same nonchalance we use among ourselves, we use it with the public, without filters or scripts, and the public responds because it perceives our spontaneity and our great desire to bring joy even in those contexts or realities that are not very happy, without forcing of any kind, 100% natural “, he replies Valentino.

Natural talent also used to reflect on contemporary phenomena, the subjects of their shows, on stage as well as on the radio, also through the work of their non-profit association created in 2018. Four guys who, between work and family, manage to be creative in a brilliant way, each with its own particularities, Valentino and Domenico the slightly more reflective ones, Marco and Daniele those more over the top, but all devoted to a comedy that is never out of place. A group, that of Cinghio’s, to be kept under observation because we are sure that soon, we will see them on national channels, talents of this type, will not go unnoticed!

The Cinghios debut with their first reality show: a hilarious parody of Master chef |