The city of Pantin renamed “Pantine” in 2023, to support gender equality

This unofficial name will remain in place throughout the year 2023, indicates the town hall.

A city that changes its name to promote gender equality. On the occasion of the transition to the new year, the mayor of the city of Pantin announced on social networks his good resolution for 2023, as well as that of the whole municipality: to commit to gender equality. First act in this direction, add an “E” at the end of the name of the commune of Seine-Saint-Denis.

“In 2023, the city of Pantin is resolutely committed to gender equality and becomes Pantine,” reads the tweet posted by the city on Monday.

The measure will be implemented throughout 2023. “What if Pantin changed its name to ‘Pantine’ for a year to show the need to build this balance together for the future”, s’ ask the municipality on its website.

An “E” that “questions, challenges”

“This year I have decided to place the wishes of the municipality under the aegis of equality between women and men and the fight against violence against women”, specifies in a video Bertrand Kern, the mayor of Puppet.

“Pantin will be called Pantine for a year. We will add an “E” to the name of the city, because in this way we want to challenge. We want there to be awareness of this equality between women and men who is not yet perfect”, continues the chosen one.

On its site, the town hall recognizes that “adding the letter ‘E’ to the name of the city may seem anecdotal, but this little “e” catches the eye, questions, challenges”.

A change of name “not voted on by the municipal council”

“Parody”, “sketch”, expenses deemed “useless in com'” … On social networks, some Internet users were at least surprised and at worst not frankly convinced by the announcement of the mayor of Pantin (e) .

On the side of the municipal opposition, the idea does not pass either. In a tweet, Geoffrey Carvalhinho, elected official of the city and regional councilor of Île-de-France, denounces a decision which “was not voted on by the municipal council”.

“I find this scandalous because gender equality and the fight against violence against women deserve better than a publicity stunt!”, Denounces the right-wing elected official.

No new panel

In fact, this temporary change of identity remains symbolic. There will be no new city entrance signs or changes in official letters, the city’s communication department assured AFP.

“Sometimes beyond the concrete, you have to go into the symbol and challenge”, confirmed this Tuesday evening the mayor of the city at the microphone of BFMTV.

Such a change would also require the establishment of a file with the Ministry of Territorial Communities, then subject to examination by experts in French toponymy, according to the press agency.

Only the giant letters forming the name “Pantin”, positioned on Place de la Pointe along the Ourcq canal, will be decked out with an additional E, AFP was told, specifying that the initiative aimed above all to “carry a message”.

The city of Pantin renamed “Pantine” in 2023, to support gender equality