The Eminence in Shadow T. 5 & T. 6

It’s the whole paradox of The Eminence in Shadow which is based on a simple idea but constantly juggles with two levels of reading, a priori antagonistic, such as sweet and salty. On the tails, we have a classic story against an evil shadowy organization responsible for much suffering and death. Side face, a parody that plays with the codes ofisekai [1] with a hero who dreams of embodying clichés.

This big gap would not be possible without its main character, Cid, alias Shadow, disruptive element of a very serious and tragic universe which defies all the principles of realism, even for a work of fantasy. By his simple stupidity and his immense power, he traces an original destiny in a closed world, offering the victims of the Order of Diabolos the means to take revenge and bring justice.

In these volumes we have the end of the adventure in the holy city and the Trials of the Goddesses: within the Sanctuary. While Shadow comes to the aid of the mysterious witch of the apocalypse, the Alpha group deciphers a little more the events of mythological times. As always, the latter know perfectly well what they are doing while Shadow shaves everything without understanding anything… which proves, in Alpha’s eyes, that he is already playing the next move.

© by SAKANO Anri / Kadokawa Shoten

The sequel takes us into a swordsman’s tournament in which Cid decides to participate under the identity of a loser, Michael Conk, in order to once again reproduce a very specific narrative scheme. His joy at the idea of ​​appearing in the guise of an imbecile in the eyes of all turns out, as often, to be infectious. The reader takes pleasure in following this happy imbecile in his inconsequential delirium.

However, in the shadows, the Order of Diabolos is never far away and it is the fate of Princess Rose that is at stake this time. Remember that despite a hero who lives in his world, the intrigues continue to unfold, as well as certain unexpected alliances are created between certain characters, eager to lift the veil on the strange events linked to Shadow Garden.

Still as well drawn and narrated, with spectacular action scenes and a huge female cast, as sexy as badassthe recipe for The Eminence in Shadow remains simple but terribly effective. And it is undoubtedly this first degree, a little silly but assumed, which confers a certain tenderness on this improbable adventure.

© by SAKANO Anri / Kadokawa Shoten

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The Eminence in Shadow T. 5 & T. 6. By Daisuke Aizawa (original author), Anri Sakano (drawing) & Touzai (Character Design). Translation: Jean-Benoît Silvestre. Ed. Doki-Doki, “Seinen” collection. Released July 13, 2022 & September 7, 2022. 174 pages. 7.50 euros.

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