The end of Les Luthiers: 55 years of humor on stage

The legendary members with the longest history of the humorous and musical group, Carlos Lopez Puccio and Jorge Maronnaannounced on the official social networks of The Luthiers the final farewell to the stage in 2023. The group, founded 55 years ago, sent a statement presenting his latest tour “More setbacks than Mastropiero” to be released Thursday, January 12 in it opera theater.

“It will not be easy to conclude this wonderful work that we have enjoyed since we were very young, and say goodbye to the public that follows and supports, but after so many years of adventures, Mastropiero deserves to rest”declared Jorge Maronna, founding member of the group created in 1968. The concluding show will be presented in various parts of the world, the members affirm.

Currently, the members of Les Luthiers make up Carlos Lopez Puccio, Jorge Maronna, Roberto Antier, Tomás Mayer Wolf, Martin O’Connor and Horacio Tato Turanoand act as alternates, Santiago Otero Ramos and Pablo Rabinovich. Both Lopez Puccio and Maronna were the ones that remained in the musical ensemble after the departure of Carlos Nunez Cortez and the deaths of Daniel Rabonovich and Marcos Mundstock.

“This year I will be 77 years old and Jorge 75. We feel very vital, and artistically we believe we are at our best moment; But as we approach the age of 80, our muscles and joints anticipate that they will soon begin to impede us.” confessed Carlos Lopez Puccio, one of the most skilled musician in the band.

Founded on September 4, under the name of “I Musicist”by the engineering student gerardo masanathe project was born as a university choir of four members that brought together Jorge Maronna, Marcos Mundstock and Daniel Rabinovich. Together with their creator they embarked on the path of music made by instruments invented by themselves, hence the name.

The humor of Les Luthiers always had a seal of quality and commitment. It is not directed to a specific age, nor to a cultural stratum. The characteristic feature is the multidisciplinary proposal of humor. Art, both in music and in theatre, forms the argumentative universe of the group. His first play was Cantata Modaton, a parody of baroque cantatas, in which “informal” musical instruments were used. The success was resounding. Throughout their stage career, the group has repeatedly presented a prototypical character as the axis: Johann Sebastian Mastropiero.

The Luthiers

More than 30 performances and more than ten albums, Les Luthiers left a collective artistic mark. Collaborators like Roberto Fontanarrosa and Horacio Fontova, among others, they accompanied the band in their scripts. A place on stage, are the instruments created with inventiveness and originality. The pneumatic Manguelodica, the dactylophone, the chromatic silicone tubophone and the bass-piper on rodare some of the melodic and rhythmic stars that shine with their sound.

The recognition was not only from the public, in these 55 years of history with comedy, to the decoration of the order of elizabeth La Católica in 2007, was joined by the Latin Grammy Award Award for Musical Excellence delivered in 2011, and the declaration of Illustrious citizens of Buenos Aires. Coinciding with the 50-year career, in 2017, Les Luthiers obtains the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities. A legacy that transcends, surpassing individualities, imposing its group brand.

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The end of Les Luthiers: 55 years of humor on stage