The Goddess of Cuba: ‘God gave us a 40

The Cuban Goddess her name is Dianelis Alfonso and she is sweeping Europe with her song “The 40 Pound Papaya”. At the age of eight, La Diosa began her path in music and she never stopped. “I am very serious in my work, despite what it may seem,” she says Cuban singer and actress in an interview with DIARIO DE CUBA.

“This song was born out of a controversy with a Cuban singer who starts attacking me on social media. It is always good to remember that these controversies and attacks are used a lot in the world of urban music. To me, being a woman, and feeling attacked by a man, the first thing that came to mind is to say this sentence: It’s my 40 pound papaya from here to there. That was something spontaneous. I never imagined that phrase would go viral.

The singer says that after the song was released “she was on good terms” with the Cuban musician who, more than hurting her, encouraged her to release “the most listened to song of urban music right now in Cuba“.

Beyond the parallelism between the fruit and the female sexual organ, The Goddess has managed to send a message of empowerment to women who feel attacked.

“With this song I want women to feel safe when a man attacks them, that they know how to value themselves and do not feel little. I focused on what God gave us all a 40 pound papaya and we must understand that we have some greatness that can be imposed.

“The men have also made the song their own and that is spectacular. They have felt identified and have begun to dance and enjoy it. It is very Cuban music. The roots were thought,” says La Diosa.

The success of this theme has been such that The Goddess tour of Europe, which has passed through countries such as Italy, Germany Y Swisshad to be extended several more weeks. The 40 pound Papaya” already sounds on the French radio and next June 17, the Cuban singer and her musicians will be in concert in Paris.

“Every day I have a surprise with this topic; for example, the joke that Enrique Santos did to Carlos Vives, who ended up singing the song, which is very catchy. I cried with laughter”, says the singer, who has already announced that she will release a remix of “The 40-pound papaya”, with the urban musician Yosvanis Arismin Sierra Hernández, known as Chocolate.

The artist, who was born in December and is a Capricorn, says she is stubborn and has always remained focused on music. His mother would have preferred him to go into medicine and his father was afraid he would suffer because of how difficult it is to make a living from a music career.

“When I was in elementary school I came home with an application document for an art school. Of all the girls who took the test, only four managed to get in. There I began to study elementary piano, the flute, which I did not like at all. My thing was singing and theater. I’m terrible at drawing.”

Although The Goddess is enjoying the rush of success, not all times have been rosy for her. I have been a very humiliated artist in my country and by my colleagues in the genre for being a woman. My competition is men because that’s how I chose it. This genre is very strong.”

The Goddess assures that, despite the “bumps” she has experienced with her colleagues, she has had the maturity to “not cross the line”.

“In the end, we are all a team, because we are from the same country and we are defending cuban music. We must consider that everyone who advances does so for the same country. To me It makes me very happy when another Cuban artist achieves something important

About the parody of The 40 pound papaya launched by the humorist Aleanis Jáuregui, known as Cuqui the BlackberryThe Goddess says that “she’s been through four countries. I admire her a lot, she’s a great woman. She, at first, thought that her parodies would annoy me, but I like them because they keep me alive.”

The Goddess of Cuba: ‘God gave us a 40-pound papaya to all women’