The hilarious video of Jordi Cruz recreating Cristina Pedroche’s New Year’s Eve dress

Like every year on New Year’s Eve, the dress of Cristina Pedroche at the chimes it monopolizes all the attention of the evening. So much so that days before the event, the networks and the press already speculate on what the outfit will be like chosen for the occasion. But not only that, as the presenter gets rid of the layers and reveals the chosen outfit, the networks are quickly filled with reactions.

The outfit. This time it was not going to be less and Pedroche left millions of people speechless with a choice full of symbolism: a dress created with UNHCR tents in which 75 refugees have collaborated, a sculpture in the shape of a dove on the chest made by Jacinto de Manuel, and a spiral tulle skirt created by the Biscayan designer Iñigo Garaizabal.

Memes. It is not surprising that after so much expectation, the networks were filled with memes of Pedroche’s dress at the chimes: from comparisons with one that Marge Simpson wore in an episode of the series, to those who have assured that it looked like a plastic class from elementary school.

Jordi Cruz, one of the great idols of children’s television thanks to his participation in the Disney Club and its star program, art Attackwas one of the first to make memes about it: sharing an image of the children’s craft program and assuring that “To make your chimes suit you need…”.

Far from being just a meme, Jordi Cruz has once again delighted Twitter today, sharing a parody in a hilarious video in which he recreates Pedroche’s New Year’s Eve dress as if it were another episode of the program art Attack.

Tutorial. To do this, he explains step by step in a video of just over a minute and a half how to recreate the top: first cut the dove out of a long piece of cardboard so that it covers the torso and the back, then it is given dimension with newspaper or packing paper and taped to give it the necessary volume.

Next, add the concoction of water and glue in equal parts over the entire surface and put the kitchen paper on top. Once it is dry, you just have to take a plaster bandage, dip it in water and place it all over the pigeon. Finally, let it dry and that’s it.

In numbers. Without a doubt, the result is impressive, so it is not surprising that in a matter of hours it accumulates more than 700,000 views and all kinds of comments: most users laughing or praising the similarity between the two tops.

top comments. “Hahahahaha great Jordi”, “I think you’re not really aware of how happy you make many of us with these types of videos. One of the best sensations in the world, to ‘feel’ there again”, “I’ve tried to do it at home, but it looks more like a mop than a pigeon”, “You forgot to add the Cabezón version”, “You just teleported me to one of the happiest stages of my life”, “If Art Attack and/or the tazos come back, I am already happy for the rest of my life”, “We already have entertainment for Saturday morning, artemaniacs” or “ What a great manic art craft.”

Reaction of Cristina Pedroche’s stylist

Even Josie, the Pedroche stylist who has devised the outfit for the night of the bells, has commented on the tweet saying: “It is done like this”, along with a video of how the top worn by the presenter was actually made. To which Cruz has not hesitated to respond: “That tool is more of a Bricomania. No fingers survive me. Now seriously, the work of Jacinto de Manuel is wonderful. A lot of art! A big hug”.

Via @jordicruzperez

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The hilarious video of Jordi Cruz recreating Cristina Pedroche’s New Year’s Eve dress