The jury of the Splash Festival announces the winners in its next edition

The jury of the Splash Festival has already announced the prizes that it will award in its next edition, which will be held on November 18, 19 and 20. Specifically, there are a total of nine prizes that will be awarded to the winners for their work carried out in 2021. This festival is organized by the Department of Youth and Children of the Sagunto City Council together with the Generalitat Valenciana.

The awardees and their careers are as follows:

Best National Album 2021. WARBURG & BEACH by Jorge Carrión and Javier Olivares

The lives of Sylvia Beach -founder of the Shakespeare & Company bookstore- and Aby Warburg -creator of the Warburg library and the Atlas Mnemosyne- are at the center of the story of a work as innovative as its characters thanks to a two-way reading and a binding without spine. Two vital intellectual attitudes and a time of creative lights and political shadows are reflected in a book that you want to read again once finished. The writer Jorge Carrión and the cartoonist Javier Olivares sign a well-planned collaboration with Warburg & Beach (Salamandra Graphic, 2021); a unique work about extraordinary characters.

Best International Album 2021: THE GREAT SPACES by Catherine Meurisse

The French author Catherine Meurisse, who has already told us about her personal abyss in La Levedad (Impedimenta, 2019), proposes her canon of beauty in her work Los gran spaces (Impedimenta, 2021). A beautiful album that takes us back to Catherine’s childhood in the countryside, the family memories that revolve around botanical, literary, historical, ecological and, of course, experiential aspects. Elements that have shaped the spirit and intellect of the author. All this without losing the acid humor harvested in Charlie Hebdo magazine. A return to the past with the mind set on the present, a meritorious autobiographical exercise that flees from the most obvious topics. The great spaces tell us about many things that are really worthwhile in this life.

“Understanding the Present” Award 2021: EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN by Ana Penyas

Fiction and graphic essay go hand in hand in this excellent work by Ana Penyas. Everything under the sun (Salamandra Graphic, 2021). The author offers us a fresco that, through brushstrokes from various eras, reconstructs the collective story of a couple of generations. His paths in relation to the transformation of his environment, of his territory, with the action/inaction that always acts as shame/shamelessness of the people and, above all, of their political leaders. And above all, she explains a socioeconomic model of tourist excesses, moments of celebration in which the Mediterranean gives way to the neoliberal, a transformation in which there seems to be no turning back.

Graphic Humor: RIKI WHITE

Riki Blanco (Barcelona, ​​1978) works as an illustrator collaborating with numerous national media, such as El País, where he runs a satirical graphic humor space. He also publishes in international media, such as the New Yorker or Liberation. The compilation of this material can be read in The poetry that we deserve (Reservoir Books, 2021), proof of his talent in this field. He has published twenty books as an illustrator and is also dedicated to advertising, animation and painting. The Splash dedicates an exhibition to him with some of his humor vignettes, where we can see his excellent graphic work, a house brand, expanded.

Best Screenplay Award: EL MECANISMO by Gabi Beltrán, with drawings by Ángel Trigo

The Mallorcan Gabi Beltrán offers us with El Mechanism (Astiberri, 2021) a suggestive game around identities and (in)transcendence; a tour de force between the two characters who monopolize the story: a writer specialized in literary authors who tracks down an author who disappeared years ago and an old man who lives away from the madding crowd in a chalet in the interior of Mallorca and who could well be that author elusive, or not. Maintaining a relative tension between the two and putting together such a suggestive body of dialogue is the main challenge of this comic; a captivating rare avis, which raises constant questions and it is necessary to have the reader as an accomplice to them. Ángel Trigo, from Salamanca, who makes his debut as a comic book artist with this work, successfully captures all the paths that Gabi proposes, rounding off an album of multiple readings.

Dissemination Award: ÓSCAR GUAL BORONAT

Valencian researcher, doctor in Contemporary History from the University of Valencia, professionally linked to the Institut Municipal d’Arxius i Biblioteques de Gandía. He has collaborated with nationally distributed comic publications such as Volumen, La Guía del Comico or Mondo Sonoro, with the local media Gandia TV or Punto Radio and with digital comic publications such as Tebeosfera or Cuco. He is the author of the essay Vignettes of Postwar. Comics as a source for the study of History (Publicacions Universitat de València, 2013)

“Sento Llobell” Award for Young Talent: LAURA RUBIO

Laura Rubio (Zaragoza, 1995), is a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Zaragoza (2017). In 2015 her first work was published (Zilia Quebrantahuesos, GP Ediciones), which was also the first comic to be translated into the official Aragonese spelling. Throughout his career he has won several awards, including Best Aragonese Work at the Zaragoza Comic Fair (2017, with the comic “Queronea”) or Best Aragonese drawing (2021, with his third comic “Zilia Quebrantahuesos, el end of winter”), also at the Zaragoza Comic Fair. She has done various illustration works, including posters such as the one for the Teruel Book Fair (2018), the Zaragoza Comic Fair (2019) and the Splash poster itself (2022).

Mass Media Award: PACO HERNÁNDEZ

Paco Hernández has become, in addition to being a great scriptwriter, one of the most powerful comic popularizers on the national scene thanks to the undeniable success of his videos on the YouTube, Twitch and TikTok platforms. In them, he breaks down works, comic authors, manga and superheroes, in a didactic way and before an impressive legion of subscribers. The Splash rewards the strength of his work towards comics from internet tools.

“A Life of Cartoons” Award: JAN

Jan is one of the indisputable classics of the national comic scene. He developed the animation profession in Cuba during the sixties. Superlopez, the parody of Superman created in 1973, is among the most widely read and popular comics in our country, a character who recently retired. Although he is an author remembered for this character, Jan has offered his vision of the Middle Ages with Don Talarico, who is currently publishing Amaniaco Ediciones. But the list of characters and publications of him in children’s and youth magazines is almost endless. Serve as an example his characters Sicodelic Hood (parody of Robin Hood), The pirate Caracrimen, Dracula, Don Juan Poca, Trok Trok, Cab Halloloco and the recovery of Tom Thumb as a character for the header of the same title. Jan has touched all genres (science fiction, western, historical…) and has endowed them with his unmistakable humor in the form of a gag and a graphic style that is unmistakable at first glance.

The Splash Festival Jury was made up of: Sento Llobell (author), Álvaro Pons (Càtedra del Còmic de la Universitat de València), Cristina Durán (author), Miguel Ángel Giner (author), Miguel Ángel Martín (Director Splash), Guillermo Sampedro (Councillor for Youth) and Fran García (Splash Content Director).

Likewise, the members of the jury would like to send a big hug to the family and friends of Óscar Gual, who recently passed away, who has won the Disclosure Award in this edition.

The jury of the Splash Festival announces the winners in its next edition