The Nord Stream gas pipeline suspended until further notice, Retailleau on track for the presidency of LR, European arrest warrant against Iquioussen… What to remember from this Friday, September 2

News from this Friday.


Nord Stream, extended shutdown until further notice. Gazprom announces this Friday that the Nord Stream gas pipeline, crucial for deliveries in Europe, will be “completely” stopped until the repair of a turbine, when it was to resume service on Saturday after a maintenance operation. In a press release, the Russian giant indicates that it has discovered “oil leaks” in the turbine. Russia was to resume deliveries this Saturday, they are suspended until further notice. But earlier in the day, Moscow was already claiming that the operation of the pipeline was “threatens” by a shortage of spare parts due to sanctions against Russia for its offensive in Ukraine. What the EU denies.

Bruno Retailleau dreams of the LR presidency. The president of the Republicans in the Senate group announces this Friday that he wants to run for the succession of Christian Jacob, during the internal party election, scheduled for December 3 and 4 (then 10 and 11 in the event of a second round). “I’m not lacking in responsibility, but I’m not a man to shirk”he assures us this Friday in an interview with Figaro, on the eve of the back-to-school campus for young LRs, in Angers (Maine-et-Loire). Read our article.

To contain electricity prices, the EU is considering a targeted cap. The European Commission wishes to propose at least three courses of action, in a project not yet made public, to contain the rise in the cost of electricity. Among these proposals, the European executive is considering more regulated tariffs for SMEs and the most precarious households, and incentive measures to reduce consumption.

Brazilian and Nazi: the profile of the author of the failed attack on Cristina Kirchner is becoming clearer. On the night of Thursday to Friday, the vice-president of Argentina miraculously escaped an attack. A man was arrested in the aftermath in Buenos Aires after pointing a loaded gun at Cristina Kirchner as she was returning home. According to Argentine media, the suspect is Brazilian, permanently residing in Argentina, and has a far-right profile.

A European arrest warrant against Hassan Iquioussen. Three days after the announcement of his disappearance, a European arrest warrant was issued by an investigating judge in Valenciennes (North) against the preacher Hassan Iquioussen. The latter is considered to be on the run after the validation of his expulsion order, according to several sources familiar with the matter. Other experts question the legal basis of this procedure. The Council of State had given the green light on Tuesday to the expulsion of Imam Hassan Iquioussen (born in France 58 years ago but of Moroccan nationality) whose Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, had made in recent weeks a symbol of the government’s fight against the “separatist speeches” especially after his “anti-Semitic remarks, made for several years, at numerous widely publicized conferences, as well as his discourse on the inferiority of women and their submission to men” as judged by the Council of State.

Three more years for Aung Sang Suu Kyi. A relentlessness and a travesty of justice. The former Burmese leader, already sentenced to 17 years in prison, received an additional three-year sentence on Friday for electoral fraud in the 2020 election that her party largely won. Separately, a former UK ambassador accused of breaking immigration laws has been sentenced to one year in prison by Burmese authorities.

Pogba case: the investigations entrusted to two investigating judges. Justice is moving up a gear. This Friday, the Paris prosecutor announced in a press release that the investigations into the extortion denounced by the star of the French football team and Juventus Turin Paul Pogba have been entrusted to two investigating judges of the judicial court of Paris. Investigating judges have more means of investigation and constraints, being able to indict one or more people and then place them under judicial control.

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MMA: Dana White, the gnon king. Close to Trump, the former sports coach has made the UFC, a long sulphurous Mixed Martial Arts league, a hegemonic and globalized cash machine, whose first French gala is being held on Saturday evening in Paris. Read his profile.

Bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol: Ségolène Royal in the midst of revisionism. Guest of BFM TV on September 1, the former presidential candidate questioned several abuses of the Ukrainian conflict perpetrated by Russian forces, denying in particular the reality of the deadly bombardment of the Mariupol maternity hospital, yet documented. Read our post.

Medical desert, the workhorse of a doctor in the Creuse. To attract general practitioners to his rural countryside, a doctor promotes, via social networks, his living environment during his horseback riding. A small-scale initiative to curb medical desertification. Read the article from our correspondent in the Creuse.

Nice attack: “Kenza turned around and said to me: ‘Mom, there is a truck'”. Three days before the start of the trial for the terrorist attack on the Promenade des Anglais on July 14, 2016, many witnesses or victims, minors at the time of the events, are still haunted by the tragedy. Families, associations and doctors try to help them live with this trauma. Freed collected their testimonies. Read our article.

Olivier Klein, case apart. Coming from a modest background, the new Minister Delegate for the City and Housing, 55, is a former teacher who passed through the PC and the PS, devoted mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Read his portrait.

The Nord Stream gas pipeline suspended until further notice, Retailleau on track for the presidency of LR, European arrest warrant against Iquioussen… What to remember from this Friday, September 2