“The preparation of the Grand Bornand slope was a real scandal”

Under the boos of the public and the biathletes

The track was so icy at the start of the men’s pursuit that the organizers had to postpone the start by 15 minutes. The time to remove 250m from a route that is too dangerous and poorly prepared.

The public, who had taken place at this place did not like it at all and their fans were not shy to shout their anger.

“I think the organizers prepared the track much too early in the night, everything became rock hard, obviously the track had to be worked on this morning. accuses Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, present on the spot.

Borut Nunar, IBU race director, does not say otherwise:

“It’s one of the toughest races we’ve done. Due to the conditions with two days of rain just before, there will only be icy conditions. It’s tough, but we’re doing our best. We did everything we could but it was just ice cream.”

“I am attacking my 17th season on the World Cup and I had never seen conditions like this,” confessed Grégoire Deschamps, the manager of the French team’s technicians to the team.

“It’s a rather special weather phenomenon because there was heavy rain for three days and behind it a freeze. It really made an ice track which was very difficult to prepare.”

Result of this mismanagement, rarely seen at this level of competition, all the biathletes, numerous, equipped in particular by Fischer could not ski correctly.

“It’s a parody of racing, I’ve never seen such a thing. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about it.” says Johannes Dale. “I felt like Bambi on a paddock” adds Ida Link.

“It was a disaster, indeed. The preparation of the Grand Bornand track was a real scandal, the organization completely missed the race. And that unfortunately overtook me, but that’s the game” tells Johannes Boe at the NRK.

“Today was unfair races. There were very big differences between ski brands and I was lucky to be on the right one.” says Ingrid Tandrevold equipped by Salomon, like the first 4 in the ladies’ race.

The winner Sturla Holm Laegreid was also of the same opinion:

I was actually shocked they didn’t groom these runs, as it was extremely icy. It’s a bit boring to win because the competitor’s skis aren’t suitable, you’d rather win because you’re the best.

It’s a little awkward that it’s going like this, but I’ve been pretty close all season so I don’t feel like an undeserved winner.” he concluded.

Believe us, the Norwegians weren’t the only ones upset after the race. You had to see the reaction of a Quentin Fillon Maillet green with rage on arrival, and also see the angry faces of all those who did not have the right equipment.

Let’s hope that the organization will be able to offer a correct track on Sunday, otherwise it may well turn against them. At this level the error can be acceptable, and again, once, but not twice…

“The preparation of the Grand Bornand slope was a real scandal” – Sports Infos – Ski