The rant of Jean

Heavily beaten at home by Elan Béarnais (75-94), the Chorale de Roanne took a soap from their coach Jean-Denys Choulet. The Loire coach stepped up to the plate at a press conference.

From an accounting point of view, the Chorale de Roanne has not yet been eliminated in the race for the Leaders Cup. But this eighth defeat of the season against Pau, in a sold-out André-Vacheresse hall, weighed her down and dropped her to 12th place (5-8) four games into the mid-season.

More than the result, the Ligériens produced a poor performance on Friday evening. Archi-dominated on the rebound (28 to 48), they carried out a parody of zone attack according to the words of their coach Jean-Denys Choulet at the microphone of TV choir.

“The match, it is lost in the first quarter. We had to systematically trap Stockton and Sim because the first practically only scores on drive and the second only from 3-pointers. We did it for 5 minutes and we blew them. And then, we had 2-3 superman who saw fit to shoot after a pass. A shot, a pass, two shots from 12 meters… Afterwards, as we are on the attack offensively, we are no longer enthusiastic about the two-man shots and we are punished! But all that comes from our offensive behavior thinking that, as we play Pau and they are last, “coach, it’s not worth it to break the *** like against Cholet or Levallois because that will pass “. And no ! At half-time, I tell you, I was disgusted. We’ve got a full house, it’s Christmas, we can all spend the holidays at home and we’re producing this shitty basketball, because it’s a shitty basketball, with an attack of area unworthy of a top team. So, I also take it for myself for not having succeeded in influencing the team and their desire (breathing). But I guarantee you, sometimes the plow is heavy to pull. Me, the speech “coach, we will resume Tuesday”, I have nothing to f *****. I wanted one thing, it’s to go see the neighbor in Saint-Chamond (for the Leaders Cup)… But it’s not by producing games like that and with this desire that we’re going to get there . I hope some will remember it when Limoges comes here (January 5). The room was full tonight, we have no right to do that. The coach has no right to ask for more support because tonight we didn’t deserve this support. Tonight, we deserved nothing at all. »

The Elan Béarnais in redemption?

Conversely, Elan Béarnais moved away from the red zone (5-9, 16th). Carried by his trio of Americans Michael Stockton (12 points, 11 assists), Garrett Sim (21 points 5/9 behind the arc) and Markeith Cummings (23 points, 7 rebounds), Eric Bartecheky’s team continues a second consecutive victory after that against Le Mans. Precious success before the holidays!

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Photo: Jean-Denys Choulet (Roanne)

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The rant of Jean-Denys Choulet (Roanne) after the defeat against Pau: “Sometimes the plow is heavy to pull” | Basketball Europe