The revolt of the “big names” against Elon Musk: parody accounts against the new Twitter CEO appear

“I take everything I want and turn it into garbage.” Signed: Elon Musk. Or maybe not. Ever since the new Twitter CEO announced the introduction of a monthly fee of $ 8 to have the so-called “Blue tick” – with which a verified account is identified – there are several users who have started making fun of the new owner of the platform. To launch the phenomenon of trolling was Simon Young, Irish TV presenter. There procedure It’s simple: change your public name to “Elon Musk”, set up his own profile picture and have fun posting opinions that are probably light years away from what the Tesla founder really thinks. “I made a huge mistake,” wrote Young two days ago – posing as Elon Musk – in reference to the decision to pay the “blue check”. Less than two days after that first tweet-parodyYoung’s account was suspended. Twitter’s hard punch, however, does not seem to have generated the desired effects. Instead of putting an end to the phenomenon, the decision triggered aimitation effect, which prompted many other users – almost all with verified accounts – to follow in the footsteps of the Irish presenter. Among them there is Emily Willingham (on Twitter: @ejwillingham), an American science journalist specializing in neuroscience and genetics. “Hi, I wrote a book about penises, but it’s not autobiography,” Elon Musk wrote pretending. Or Sonia Saraiya (@soniasaraiya), television critic for Vanity Fairwho writes, “I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason I enjoy being on this site that I bought for $ 44 billion.”

TWITTER | One of Simon Young’s first tweets after changing his username to “Elon Musk”. To date, the account has been suspended

The protests of King and Ocasio-Cortez

It is likely that Young’s account, which gave rise to a large phenomenon of trollinghas been suspended for violation of the rules on misleading and deceptive identities. “The identity of an account is misleading under these rules if it uses false profile information to present itself as a person or entity not associated with the account holder, so that it can confuse other users who use Twitter ”, reads the platform regulation. The phenomenon triggered by Simon Young seems to actually conceal a discontent far larger than the many Twitter users with a verified account. In recent days, Musk had clashed with the writer Stephen King and with the deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezwho after criticizing the new policies platform management ended up with the profile locked. “Why would people pay $ 8 just to be shut up when they say something you don’t like? ”the American deputy asked Musk after regaining control of the account.

The layoffs are underway

Meanwhile, the new management Twitter by Elon Musk continues to take shape. After making a clean sweep of the Board of Directors and having become sole director of the company, the South African businessman – naturalized from the United States – has today started a mass layoffs. According to reports from the New York Timeswho obtained a copy of the emails sent to employees, the company asked his 7,500 employees to stay home and not go to the office on Friday. The official number of layoffs is not yet known, but it is estimated that about half of the workers it could be put to the door by next week. “In an effort to get Twitter back on track, we’re going to cross the difficult reduction process of our global workforce – reads the email – We know that this will have an impact on a number of people who have made a valuable contribution to Twitter, but unfortunately this action was necessary to ensure the success of the company in the future”.

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The revolt of the “big names” against Elon Musk: parody accounts against the new Twitter CEO appear