The Rue Dell Arte festival, shows in Hénon, Quessoy and Moncontour

QUESSOY. The poetic and burlesque universe of Isi et Là is inspired by fairground theater and silent film characters. ©JB Bouron

Simple but effective. The slogan “Retrouvailles” for the rue Dell Arte festival which returns on Friday August 26, 2022 in Hénon, Saturday in Quessoy and Sunday afternoon in Moncontour.

Discovery festival

Dell Arte, what is it? A festival with shows. There is street theater, circus, music and surprises. How the team of the association likes to discover and make people discover.

It’s free in the evening in Hénon and Quessoy. It’s free participation for the 5 shows on Sunday afternoon at Moncontour (free for children under 12).

Casually, it’s already the 17th edition.

Refreshment bar with local associations

For each meeting, the Rue Dell Arte team calls on local associations for the snack barand of course, there is something to eat.

Acrobatic ladders in Hénon

Henon. Friday August 26. 7 p.m. inauguration, square behind the town hall. Make-up by Peggy Dalibert (Cie Pavillons et Mirettes). 7:30 p.m. acrobatic ladder duo (the flabbergasted unexpected) with the company The railway. 9:30 p.m. parody of western, Wanted, with the company Bruital (meeting in the courtyard of the early childhood home). Food truck with the delights of Gladys, refreshment bar with the Hénonnais badminton club.

The show Wanted by Bruital Cie
HENON. The show Wanted by Bruital Cie for a western parody. ©François Lefebvre

Makeup in Quessoy

Quessoy. Saturday August 27. 6 p.m. Gardon le cap, storytelling and strolling theatre, with the company The Guild. 7 p.m. make-up by Peggy Dalibert. 8.30 p.m. Street theater and zaniness, Broglii, by Cie Lapin 34. 10 p.m. Dialogue and dance with two acrobats by the company isi. Meet at the town hall. Refreshment bar and sausage patties with Sons d’automne.

Videos: currently on Actu

Vegetable hairstyles in Moncontour

Moncontour. Sunday August 28. 11:30 a.m. picnic at Place Penthièvre. Catering with the merchants of the city. Refreshment bar with the youth club. 2 p.m.-6 p.m. games led by Vassili Ollivro, vegetable hairstyles with Cie Quel Toupet.

5 companies in Moncontour

Here is the program of the companies that will animate the afternoon in the medieval city.

2.30 p.m. Mural and burlesque theater with Mur Aïe (Cie Dédale de clowns) place de la mairie. 3:30 p.m. Clown Léandre for Fly me to the Moon, place de la Carrière. 5:15 p.m. Banka circus for circus duo on stools l (Cie Puéril Péril) place Carrière. 6:30 p.m. Concert-show Zanimals with supermarket, rock for kids from 3 years old, Place Carrière.

8 p.m. DJ set Garlic&Garlic at Bistrot Contretemps.

In the end, a nice edition concocted by the team of Dell Arte around President Carole Le Quilleuc.

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The Rue Dell Arte festival, shows in Hénon, Quessoy and Moncontour