The show “Cosi fan tutti” by I Tre Barba in Mazzano Romano

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Roma Capitale as part of the programming: “LIVE SHOWS IN THE MUNICIPALITIES OF THE METROPOLITAN CITY OF ROME CAPITAL”

by Mozart and Da Ponte ai Tre Barba

directed by I TRE BARBA
with Lorenzo De Liberato, Alessio Esposito and Lorenzo Garufo

light designer Matteo Ziglio


On stage in Mazzano Romano on Saturday 24 September the project “La lirica per tutti” with the show “Cosi fan tutti” inspired by the opera by Mozart and Da Ponte, an original project that aims to make known and spread the wonderful medium expressive of opera as a common, universal heritage and not the prerogative of a select few. On the stage “I Tre Barba”: Lorenzo De Liberato, Alessio Esposito and Lorenzo Garufo who bring to the stage through prose, one of the most famous masterpieces of eighteenth-century operas.

Opera is often kept at a distance, especially by young people, often for purely economic reasons or because it is considered a distant, outdated and dated form of art-show; in truth, opera represents an exceptional world, fundamental for our artistic and cultural tradition, known and appreciated all over the world.
By reciting the great librettos of the operas of Mozart and Rossini, “I Tre Barba” aim to introduce to a popular audience the opera and operas that today are mostly unknown or only summarily appreciated.

Through a minimal scene, three stools and a few significant props, Lorenzo De Liberato, Alessio Esposito and Lorenzo Garufo faithfully and almost entirely recite the librettos, alternating musical interludes with acting, arranging the most famous arias of the two operas, performed strictly in choir, a cappella, without the aid of any musical instrument.
“Cosi fan tutti” is a pure, funny and ironic entertainment show that results in a real playful parody of opera without ever debasing the purity and grandeur that distinguishes it at the same time.

The initiative “La lirica per tutti,” Cosi fan tutti “offers a preparatory theatrical workshop with the public for the presentation of the initiative from the early afternoon, narrating the path and preparing the spectator, especially the very young, for what they will see. evening.

So do all of them – synopsis

Naples 1700. In a coffee shop, the young officers Ferrando and Guglielmo praise the loyalty of their girlfriends, Dorabella and Fiordiligi respectively. Their friend, the bachelor Don Alfonso, denying the existence of female loyalty offers them a bet: after pretending to leave for a sudden war, the two young men, disguised as Albanian nobles, will have to insistently woo each other’s girlfriend. Guglielmo and Ferrando willingly accept the bet but, after an initial resistance from the two girls, the young soldiers will be forced to change their minds, thus giving reason to Don Alfonso’s words “Cosi fan tutti”.

The Opera For all “Cosi fan tutti” MUNICIPAL THEATER OF MAZZANO ROMANO
Free entry

24 SEPTEMBER at 4.00 pm Preparatory Workshop – at 7.00 pm So fan Tutti show

For info: 3494356219- 3298027943

Press Office: Eleonora Turco

Source: Eleonora Turco

The show “Cosi fan tutti” by I Tre Barba in Mazzano Romano