The Storti: when the macagna took control of the Corsica Sera

For 3 years, the troupe led by Guy Cimino, in partnership with France 3 Corse, created a program lasting almost an hour which examined Corsica. And left a place of choice for parodies of the island television news.

For many years, the star presenter of Corsica Sera was Jacques Bastianesi. But between 1995 and 1997, when you turned on France 3 Corse, you could come across Jacques Ajaccionesi, Jacques Sartenesi, Jacques Ajaccionesi, Jacques Cortinesi, and sometimes, when he was not resting, Jacques Ileroussenesi.

5 presenters, and only one face, that of Daniel Parigi, creator, with the Teatrinu troupe, of the program I Storti, on the antenna of France 3 Corse. For three years, they engaged in a complicated exercise, that of parody, at usu nustrale, of the evening newspaper, the real one. And through him, to a criticism in turn tender, ironic and acerbic of the Corsican society of the time.

“He was a funny character, Daniel”recalls Jacques Bastianesi with a certain emotion. “He was one of the first comedians to appear, with Teatru Mascone, who had also made a pastille, a little earlier, on our antenna. It was the great era of macagna. And they brought in the humor on television, and in what way. We weren’t just talking about disasters and the news, at the time. We were also trying to laugh a little”.

Jacques Bastianesi, who was in the front line, in the parodies, always took it with humor, and even encouraged the troupe. “There was a real freedom of tone, but beyond that, there was above all a real affection in the corridors of France 3, between the editorial staff and the Storti. Everyone was united. It was a magnificent atmosphere , linked to a certain era”.

Hey dead Bartolitz. Ch’ellu crepi!

The other faces of the chain are not spared! Angelina Risterucci has become Angelina Reste Cruche, a specialist in incomprehensible contemporary art subjects, François Cristiani has become François Di e Ghjuche, a fine linguist with an overflowing talk and ubiquitous sandals, and Pierre-Jean Luccioni is now called Pierre- Jean Paglietta, mustache in the wind…

And how can we forget Charles Frigara, or rather Charles Friportu, formidable political analyst “born a few years ago, between glasses and a jar of brilliantine”.

If everyone, today, among the ancients, praises the qualities of the parodies of the Storti, at the time, some egos were sometimes mistreated, and some teeth could cringe. But Marie-Ange Geronimi, who was part of the troupe, confirms that the atmosphere was good: “for a sketch, I imitated Angelina Risterucci, and I couldn’t do her voice. In the end, it was she who did her own voice in the parody, reading the mocking text that we had written! There was a great spirit”.

The actress thinks for a moment, before summarizing: “We loved our TV. We loved them, our presenters..

Guy Cimino, who was one of the instigators of the program, remembers François Cristiani, who was known as Joseph Castellani on the air. “He was dying of laughter, he told us to go for it, to do whatever we wanted. And yet, we didn’t spare him!”

In three years, six 50-minute programs have been delivered to Islanders, delighted with the windfall. And for those who were old enough to be in front of their screen, in Corsica, in the 90s, replicas such as “Hey dead Bartolitz, chellu crepi ! remain as immortal as the “It’s none of our business!” from Unknown TV…

François Berlinghi was also part of the adventure. And when asked to share her memories, her face lights up. “What a great time. Guy Cimino, Daniel Parigi, Dominique Gambini, they had an imagination… They invented these things…”

Everything remained to be done, and the happy team was under no pressure. “It had nothing to do with what you can feel before going on stage. It was like a game, really. We dressed up, once we were prehistoric men, the next time we were knights who went on a crusade… We had incredible freedom. We had no TV experience, we all came from the theatre. At the beginning we had few means, we had to improvise, find solutions, and that’s sometimes where the craziest ideas came from!”

No one was aware of what we were doing, the parodied journalists even less than the others.

Fifi Raffalli, director

They also relied on a director, Fifi Raffalli, who knew the job, and for whom the Storti remain “the best memory” of her career. He remembers a show that relied heavily on the D system and unravels it. “Dédé Stefanaggi, the boss at the time, told us “I’m giving you a niche, do what you want!” We organized the shootings as we could, we shot in a light team, Dédé poached cameramen from the editorial staff…”

The one who, still today, is at the console, in control, at France 3 Corse, remembers the first broadcast, broadcast at Christmas 1995. “No one was aware of what we were doing, the parodied journalists even less than the others. They knew we were preparing something, but they didn’t know they were going to be the main characters. discovered on the air!”

Either way, it couldn’t have been otherwise. “We locked ourselves in for three days with Daniel Parigi, in the editing room, and we worked until the last minute. The show was ready just a few hours before it was broadcast. And that surprised everyone”Fifi bursts out laughing.

Decades later, the effect of this first entertainment program on the antenna of France 3 Corse is still felt, even among those who were not born at the time when Jacques Bastianesi presented the Corsica Sera.. .

“If you knew the number of young people, even today, who tell us that they came across the Storti by chance, and that they enjoyed themselves”confides François Berlinghi, almost incredulous. “They bring me expressions, quotes from the time…”

What, perhaps, to want to try again in the adventure? “I don’t know if we could still do it, honestly. Today there are a lot more barriers, terminals, television codes… We wouldn’t have the same freedom, that’s for sure”.

No Storti in 2022… Humor has lost out, but we know some journalists in our editorial staff who must have given a “Whew” of relief!

But that doesn’t mean we feel safe. Guy Cimino, guest with part of the troupe on the set of the latest issue of L’Ochjatasuggested that for his part, it was enough to be offered it!

The Storti: when the macagna took control of the Corsica Sera