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The Harley Quinn comic based on the HBO Max show has officially been added to the Bat-Family featuring the strongest member’s debut.

The strongest member of the Batman family has officially joined the Harley Quinn animated universe in a new comic. The Bat-Family is one of the most beloved groups of superheroes in the DC Universe. With Batman himself as a father figure, many members have come to fight alongside him to defend Gotham City from evil. Some of the more notable inclusions have been Nightwing, every iteration of Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, and even Red Hood. It’s a group that works so well together while having its own adorable moments that make it more than just a crime-fighting team. Now another member of that family is making her debut in the Harley Quinn animated series universe, and she’s the one fans have been waiting for since the family began to form.

In Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #4 by Tee Franklin, Shae Beagle and Jon Mikel; a new face is brought to Wayne Manor to be watched by the Bat-Family. To new fans, she may seem like an ordinary girl, but comic book fans know exactly who she is. Cassandra Cain is a character who was eventually taken under Batman’s wing as one of his new proteges.

After running away from her father after years of learning how to be an assassin, she trained with Batman to become a new version of Batgirl. However, what sets her apart is how brutal she can be. His killer potential was even showcased in a variant cover of last year’s One Bad Day: Two-Face, as evidenced by his darker jumpsuit. However, this also makes her one of the strongest members.

How Cassandra Cain will be impersonated remains to be seen

What’s exciting about Cassandra Cain finally making her first appearance here is how written she will be. Harley Quinn: The Animated Series has become known not only for being an adaptation of DC characters, but also for being a parody of them. Heroes and villains have been constantly riffed on taking their most recognizable characteristics and pushing them to extremes for laughs. For example, Harley Quinn’s Nightwing is a narcissistic hero who only wants to prove he can stand on his own rather than be seen in Batman’s shadow. This was demonstrated by his constant monologue out loud and his belief that he is the hero Gotham really needs. The writers thought fans would hate this take on the character, but it eventually evolves to make him work more as a team than alone.

As for how Cassandra Cain will be portrayed, that is currently up to speculation. She only appeared in a few panels without lines. However, looking into her past, one could interpret that she may be an opposing force to Damian. Both were trained to be assassins by their respective mentors before finding a home in Gotham, each with their own secrets, so the two could constantly be at each other’s throats trying to prove who. is the best. What might make it even funnier is doubling down on the fact that these two incarnations of the heroes are both kids, so they might be childish in their contests to see who’s more effective as a character. ‘assassin. Harley Quinn isn’t known for sticking to storylines, so Tee Franklin and his team have a massive sandbox to play with to flesh out their version of this iconic character.

No matter how she’s portrayed, it’s exciting to see Cassandra finally make an appearance in the hit Harley Quinn franchise. It also likely won’t be the last time fans see her in this form. After all, Nightwing was first shown in Harley Quinn: Eat! Bang! Kill! Comic book tour starting in 2021, so it will likely transition to the TV series as well when Harley Quinn returns for its fourth season. For now though, this addition to the Bat-Family is an exciting time for fans of the Harley Quinn animated universe that is sure to create some interesting and hilarious new stories.

Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #4 is available now from DC Comics!

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