The TV3 parody against Pablo Motos that surprises even Rufián: “Unthinkable on TVE”

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In case Paul Motorcycles it was not yet clear to him have criticized the Ministry of Equality for pointing it out in his 25N campaign It had been the worst decision possible, ever since. Poland they wanted to put the icing on the cake Streisand effect that prompted the presenter and helped bring out the machismo of many of his interventions in the anthill. This time, the TV3 program turns him into one of the Backstreet Boys along with Bertin Osborne, Santiago Abascal and Ortega Smith.

The four form the Carcastreet Boys and they cover the classic I Want It That Way of the boy band with the trite discourse of the macho: “neither macho nor feminist”, you can no longer say anything to women because all the machismo, and other excuses like that. Xavi Espinosa gives life to Motos, while Noé Blancafort is in charge of an Abascal in a tank top, Albert Mèlich by Javier Ortega Smith and Pep Plaza by Bertín Osborne. The four start the sketch that has issued this Thursday public television of Catalonia sitting at the Antena 3 presenter’s house.

Thus, in his living room, the double of Motos complains: “Can you believe this? Calling me a macho? It’ll be a whore!”. The rest consoled him, saying that “Irene Montero has no scruples”, which is why she maintains a relationship “with the pigtails” and appreciating that it is impossible for someone to call Pablo “rancid with how sophisticated he is”, showing the artworks that he has hanging and looking at an erotic calendar that points to a parodied Bertín with a huge glass of wine.

“Why that neckline?”

Thus, begins the song in which Motos leads the singing voice: “I’m not a macho or feminist, I don’t see labels, only your tits”starts the viral success of Poland. “If they criticize your interviews for going stickWell, why that neckline?”, question their cronies, questioning a group of feminists who accompanies them by asking them to say “why do you want so many rights. And why does it offend to talk about breasts. I only see your interior, are you wearing a thong or shorts?”.

The version is not wasted and this Friday it has become very viral on social networks. In fact, the spokesman for Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Gabriel Ruffianhas applauded that “as Catalans and as democrats we should feel very proud of the existence of a program of humor and political satire of such quality as Poland for so many years on Catalan public television”, pointing out that it is about “an unthinkable program on any Spanish television”:

This same comment has also been replicated by the former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, who laments that a program like this is not seen on state television:

The tweeters have also given their ovation to the Catalan television space:

We will have to see if Motos complains on Monday about being designated with public money again or this time he prefers to be prudent.

The TV3 parody against Pablo Motos that surprises even Rufián: “Unthinkable on TVE”