The tweet attributed to Pedro Sánchez about the number of LGBT and heterosexual weddings is parodic

An alleged tweet from the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, in which he celebrates that there are “more LGTBi+ weddings than heterosexuals” in Spain, has been shared more than a thousand times on social networks since December 30, 2022, when it was published. posted the message. However, the tweet comes from an account that is defined as “parody”. There is no record of a similar message on Sánchez’s official Twitter account or statistics to support the claim about same-sex weddings.

The tweet, whose screenshot has been shared in Facebook Y TikTok as if it had been published by the Spanish president, says: “For the first time in our country, more LGTBi+ weddings are celebrated than heterosexual ones. Great news to end the year. Hopefully soon there will be no trace of the typical Francoist marriage of ‘man and woman’ that generates so much violence and hatred. We govern for the people”.

Screenshot of a Facebook post, taken on January 4, 2023

In the screenshots, it can be seen that the username in the account is not that of the official account of Pedro Sánchez, @sanchezcastejonbut it changes a letter: @sanchezcasrejon. This profile indicates in the biography that is a parody account. That can also be seen in the Tweet on the number of same-sex and heterosexual weddings, which was published on December 30.

Screenshot of the parody profile of Pedro Sánchez on Twitter, taken on January 4, 2023, pointing out the words in the biography that warn of its parodic meaning

On the other hand, a search in the official account of Pedro Sánchez on Twitter did not show no record like the viralized

bridal statistics

On the other hand, the affirmation that in Spain there would have been “for the first time” a greater number of marriages between LGBT people than between heterosexuals is not correct. According to the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE), in 2021the latest with available figures, 143,515 marriages were celebrated between persons of different sex and 5,073 between spouses of the same sex.

According to statistical studies Y media from communicationthe number of marriages between people of different sex has followed a downward trend, while weddings between people of the same sex have increased, but not to the point of surpassing the former.

Screenshot of the INE page on marriage statistics in the year 2021, taken on January 4, 2023

Spain registered nine deaths due to gender violence in December 2022

The tweet of the account that parodies the head of the Spanish Executive also expresses the wish that “soon there will be no trace” of marriages between a man and a woman “so much violence and hatred” generate.

The message was published on the penultimate day of 2022, the year in which there was 49 deaths for gender violence. nine of the victims died in December, but other deaths are being investigated, making the last month of 2022 the more tragic since the records of gender violence began in Spain.

Pedro Sánchez’s parody account has given rise to misinformation on previous occasions, passing from Twitter to other social networks. AFP Factual has verified several of them (1, 2, 3, 4).

AFP Factual explained in this thread on Twitter some of the keys to identify fake tweets and in this other how to check if any quote is correctly attributed to a personality.

The tweet attributed to Pedro Sánchez about the number of LGBT and heterosexual weddings is parodic