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Satirical comedy written and directed by Paul-Eloi Forget and Samuel Valensi, with June Assal, Michel Derville, Lison Favard (alternating with Emelyne Chirol), Paul-Eloi Forget, Valérie Moinet and Samuel Valensi.

Satirical comedy about the workings of our democracy, “Cuts“highlights by example how the public is most often excluded from democratic debate even when they think they actively participate in it.

Paul-Eloi Forget and Samuel Valensiwho sign the text and the staging of the show, imagine, with a touch of irony, a narrative device where the spectators are taken to task without having the right to participate in the debate.

Invited to a public debate concerning the installation of 5G antennas in a small rural town, the spectators find themselves caught between Frédéric, the ecological mayor, farmer, father, dreamer and committed, who nevertheless leaves the antennas to deploy on the commune, and its ambitious and nevertheless devoted to the common good, opponent, determined to put the opinion on its side and anxious to do battle.

Thanks to an ingenious system of flashbacks, interspersed with amusing sketches allowing to de-dramatize the subject (such as a parody of the famous game of “The wheel of fortune” transposed to the maintenance of agricultural subsidies, or grotesque telephone conversations with the administrations ), they thus illustrate the mysteries of a democratic system in crisis where elected officials, voters and institutions are at odds, painfully highlighting the mechanisms allowing the elites to implement their decisions, even if it means bypassing the elected officials and marginalizing them. opinions and interests of ordinary citizens.

By opening and then closing the fourth wall, the spectators are put in the position of simple observers of the story rather than being directly involved, which makes it possible to accentuate their powerlessness in the face of a situation that escapes them.

The dynamic staging is cinematically inspired by times of the past, with many scene changes and the inclusion of ellipses.

The ingenious scenography of Julie Mahieu using a device of white panels allowing the projection of images and the music provided on the set by the musician Lison Favard bring the whole thing to life, accentuating – as in the storm scene – the dramatic sides as well as the comic aspects – as in the scene of Frédéric’s arrival in the prefecture. In contrast, the scenes of the present with the public are deliberately treated with realism.

The actors turn out to be absolutely incredible such June Assal is particularly touching in her role, both fragile and strong, of Sahar, woman, mother and farmer in support of her idealistic sailor, and Samuel Valensi who carries on his shoulders and with great accuracy the delicate role of the young elected idealist caught in a storm that overwhelms him.

Michel Derville and Valerie Moinet put all their charisma and talent at the service of the piece while Paul-Eloi Forget composes the a priori secondary character of Sahar’s brother with more complexity than it seems.

A punchy piece that nevertheless leaves the bittersweet taste of programmed impotence in the mouth.

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