They investigate a police officer who said he was a “virgin” to enter ‘Big Brother’ and now he could be sanctioned

What started as a joke parody could end in a heavy penalty for a Neuquén Police Corporalwho wanted to join the wave of videos on social networks of different people who applied for enter the house of Big Brother.

The officer’s recording took on such relevance that the provincial security force is investigating whether he committed a fault in the disciplinary regime.

“Hello. I’m Fabián Sandunguera, but they call me Quique, and I want to enter GH’s house“That’s how the agent introduced himself. Aldo Prietowho works in the Computer and Communications Directorate of the Neuquén police.

“I recently completed 28 laps around the sun. I’m from Neuquén, but my heart is in paris because hashtags (#) love“He added in the story of the fictional character he created to satire the applicants.

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“I want to enter mainly manipulate people because I like to do it and I do it very well, mistreat people too and at the same time treat them well,” he said in the clip he posted on his account. tik tok. In addition, she pointed out that she would like to enter so she can “make love” because she “she is a virgin”.

“I love women, I love the gym, but I don’t do anything about it. I don’t go to the gym and I don’t talk to women. I wish I could take my virginity“, he continued.

For his character, he also decided to incorporate a line about what could be “his” contradictory political ideology. “I am voting in two presidential elections. In the first I voted for Jorge Altamira, in the previous one I voted for “Pino” Solanas and next time I think I’m going to vote for Javier Milei“.

Besides, he assured that his admission to the reality show I would bring you wit because I am very witty” and referred to a supposed birth chart: “I mean, I’m an aries with a virgo ascendant and a cancer moon. That tells you everything.”

sandunguera was described as a fan of the series Doctor House and as he stated, he saw each of the seasons three times. He also said that “his hobby of his is guessing the illnesses of patients”, although he “never” got it right because “He doesn’t quite understand the program.”

The Neuquén Police investigation

with the character of fabian on the networks, the video grew and soon it became known that Aldo is a police officer. The young man has an account tik tok with less than 160 followers but he had to delete the filming with the unusual statements. “Let it be clear that I do not want to enter GH, I am not a virgin and I am not going to vote for Milei”, remarked Prieto in statements to LM Neuquen.

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His idea was at all times, to make “a video in parody format” that occurred to him while he was waiting for the bus after observing messages from Twitter with a summary of the applicants. “Many seemed unreal to me and I took some fragments of those things they said and put it together on the way home,” he said. “I deleted it because they did not understand that it was a parody”, he expressed.

Now he will have to face an investigation within the force that may end in a sanction. “We are going to check if there was on the part of the investigated a transgression of any offense to the police disciplinary regime“, They indicated from the mentioned local media.

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They investigate a police officer who said he was a “virgin” to enter ‘Big Brother’ and now he could be sanctioned