‘Three men and a ghost’ at the cinema the demented comedy

Arrives at the cinema from November 24 «Three men and a ghost”the new film from I tell you, with Francesco De Fraia, Domenico Manfredi, Raffaele Ferrante, Artemisia Levita, Roberta Spagnuolo, Pasqualina Sanna and with the participation of Vincent DeLucia.

The comedy trio first became famous thanks to Colorado Cafe , tribe on Rai 2. Then up youtube with the sitcom gomorrhoid, movie parody Gomorrah. Since 2013 they have been participating in Made in South.

The film is distributed by Minerva Pictures.

Three men and a ghost the plot

Mimmo (Dominic Manfredi) is 50 years old and has an incurable obsession for game shows. When, resorting to very unorthodox ways, she manages to win an “all inclusive” weekend in a luxurious 18th century villa, she convinces his unsuspecting lifelong friends, Lello (Raphael Ferrante) and Francis (Francesco De Fraia)to accompany him. What none of the three can imagine, however, is that the villa is not at all the glitzy resort they expected, but a dark receptacle of tension and unexplained events stirred by the evil ghost of a little girl (Artemisia Levite) in search of revenge and intending to torment the three very unlucky friends, making their vacation a real nightmare.

A bet

Mixing techniques and experimenting with genres has always been one of the prerogatives of our work.

As stated by the directors themselves, the film was born from the trio’s bet to bring to the theater a show capable of entertaining and, at the same time, frightening the audience.

And it is precisely the great success of the comedy that gave rise to the idea of ​​making a film, produced by Gaetano Di Vaiowhich retained the spirit of the theatrical performance.

The film alternates expressly comic tones with an atmosphere of pure entertainment seasoned with a surreal Horror-demented subtext. The screenplay refers to the classic comedy of misunderstandings and relies above all on the good and by now established understanding between the three protagonists (together now on the set for 25 years).

The story involves three friends to whom luck has never smiled who try to win an “all inclusive” weekend, offered as a prize by a brand of crisps, in a very luxurious 18th century villa. By a strange twist of fate, the three win the coveted prize which will turn out to be a real nightmare. Between chants from beyond the grave, clanging of chains, objects that come alive, escapes in the dark and fights against horrible presences, the villa will become an exhilarating battlefield.


The film, written by Francesco De Fraia, Domenico Manfredi, Raffaele Ferrante and Francesco Prisco, is produced by Gaetano Di Vaio and Giovanna Crispino of Bronx Film and Partenope Pictures Entertainment, Gianluca Curti of Minerva Pictures Group. Eduardo Angeloni of An.Tra.Cine, in association with S&T and with the contribution of the Campania Region and the Campania Film Commission Foundation and distributed by Gianluca Curti of Minerva Pictures Group and Nicola Grispello of Volcano Pictures. Photography by Roberto Ostuni, editing by Davide Franco, sets by Violante Lamberti, costumes by Annalisa Ciaramella, music by Giordano Corapi.

‘Three men and a ghost’ at the cinema the demented comedy