TikTok, TV series and social media: 5 songs back in fashion during 2022

Thanks to social networks, even a song that hasn’t been successful can have a second chance. Even after years, decades. They call them viral phenomena because, although snubbed in the years of release, these songs reach success becoming real catchphrases perhaps thanks to a video on TikTok or a parody on Youtube or simply because they are included in the soundtrack of a successful TV series. And this 2022 has given us at least five songs that are back in fashion.

Poor Seagull, Gianni Celeste

Poor seagull“, a song from 1988, represents the phenomenon par excellence of this year. The song, written by F. D’Agostino and sung by the neo-melodic artist from Catania Gianni Celeste, achieved modest success at the end of the 80s but it was thanks to TikTok , which has had a second life. It is the two Palermitan tiktokers Franco Gioia and Duracell who use the song – whose real title is “You com’a mme” – for the first time in January 2022 to make an ironic video and since then the song has gone viral. On social platforms “Povero gull” has become the soundtrack of tragi-comic videos and stories dedicated to love and feelings , literally conquering the new generations. Just think that from January to today over 204 thousand videos on Tik Tok have used the neo-melodic song, of which new versions have also been made. And so a song interpreted 34 years ago has climbed the music charts, placing itself in the top Viral 50 Italy of Spotify.

Running up that Hill, Kate Bush

It’s thanks to the series Stranger Thingshowever, if Kate Bush – British singer-songwriter famous for the song “Babooshka” – had a comeback to fame. Even before the fourth season of the popular Netflix series was released on the popular streaming platform, the song used for the trailer “Running up that Hill” had attracted attention. But when all the episodes of the fourth season were released, Kate Bush’s song literally shot to the top of all the music charts in the world. The single, which belongs to the 1985 album “Hounds of love“, has conquered the new generations thanks to its hypnotic rhythm to punctuate the most dramatic and intense episode of Stranger Things 4. The song was liked so much that on ITunes Kate Bush even surpassed Harry Styles and Lady Gaga in the charts almost forty years after its publication.

Another Love, Tom Odell

Much more recent, but we are still talking about a song from ten years ago, the encore success of “Another Love” by English artist Tom Odell. The song, a romantic and emotional ballad released in 2012, is back in fashion again – needless to say – always thanks to social networks. First on TikTok and then Instagram, “Another love” was (and still is) one of the most used tunes for video content creation on the two platforms. There are six different versions on TikTok, including remixes, of Odell’s song and all are among the most used. A successful trend that shows no sign of turning off.

Cool for the summer, Demi Lovato

Seven years after publication “Cool for the summer” by Demi Lovato had a real boom on TikTok. And to think that in 2015 – the year of its release – the song was not even very successful. Years later, however, the singer managed to make “Cool for the summer” a real catchphrase of the summer of 2022 thanks to the social platform, where there were over two million videos made on the notes of the speedy version of Lovato’s song. Above all, the ballets interpreted on the basis of the refrain went viral.

Goo goo muck, The Cramps

The record for oldest song back to success in 2022 belongs to “Goo goo muck” from The Cramps, released by the American punk rock band back in 1981 as part of the second album “Psychedelic Jungle“. Forty-one years after its release, which was already a huge success, the Cramps’ hit has returned to go crazy on the web and on social media thanks to the series “Wednesday” signed by Tim Burton. On Netflix the vicissitudes of the teenager Wednesday Addams, played by actress Jenna Ortega, have literally conquered the public and the scene where the young Addams dances at the end of the year party of the Nevermore Academy has already become a cult for fans of the series. Wednesday staged a bizarre dance to the tune of “Goo goo muck” and on TikTok there were hundreds of thousands of fans who replicated the dance trying to re-propose the same movements as on Wednesday to the tune of the Cramps’ hit.

TikTok, TV series and social media: 5 songs back in fashion during 2022