To the city of cinema “Verticalman”, a beautiful fact all made in Foggia

Stato Quotidiano, 23 December 2022. He arrived in the room at the city ​​of Cinema “Verticalman – history of a vertical man”, on the bill from 24 December. The premiere of the film was presented on December 21, a completely “made in Foggia” production – underlines the director Roberto Moretto – which speaks of Foggia, of the people of Foggia, of those who have stopped fighting crime and of those who continue to do it on a daily basis”.

“It’s a sneaky war’ – he says Nicola Carbone, the protagonista of our feature film – we try to fight it with beauty”.

The actor Dino La Ceciliaa, inviting the Piccolo Teatro di Foggia and the city to go to the cinema, wrote: “We support this film project completely made in Foggia, production from Foggia, direction from Foggia, 95% of the actors and workers from Foggia. Verticalman is a beautiful fact, perhaps one of the most beautiful that has happened in our city in the last period. For this, for other things and for everything you have to see it”.

Roberto Galano: “Two years ago, in the midst of the Covid emergency, one of those dreamers imagined that we could do even better, we could create other possibilities, we could imagine a film, and with that we could talk in our own way about the city that didn’t dream, that was dying. We were certain that the responsible institutions would have understood, and happy with the audacity, would have supported the dreamer. We were wrong. But that didn’t stop us, it didn’t even scratch that son of the reserve, that pure blood of a new race. I am proud and proud of you, Roberto Moretto – he says to the director – Vertical Man!”.

The lawyer also attended the premiere Maximilian Arena: “Thanks also to an immense Roberto Galano and to Nicola Rignanese. Beautiful parody of that Foggia underworld, which must get away from here. Funny the teasing of that mayor, for which everything is fine or everything changes so that nothing changes. Hard not to feel the urge to tears of anger, when the hero rebels and sings the outburst of a city that no longer wants to lower its head. In the hall the air vibrated in that scene”. The film was sponsored by Telesforo group “who hasn’t lowered his head”, comments Arena, and with them also RM Service. “To you Roberto Moretto 10 cum laude. I know you’ve had this project in your gut for years. Standing ovation to your perseverance”. The film closes with a dedication ‘To all the vertical women and men of this city’ which “becomes a hope of the Renaissance”.

A few names that certifyor the mannerism and professionalism of the film. Directed and produced by Robert Morettowritten by Christian of Furia, Robert Moretto and Nicholas Rignano. Leading actors Roberto Galano and Nicola Rignanese. The director of photography is Sergio Grillo. The costumes are from Vize Ruffo, the scenography of Michelle Casiere. Makeup by Lara Pellicano and music Guido Paolo Longo. At assembly Dominic DeOrsicolor and special effects Efisio Scanu. The production manager is Marco Adabbo.

To the city of cinema “Verticalman”, a beautiful fact all made in Foggia