HAPPY NEW YEAR TOPITORS! Health, joy, love, tops, all that… And if we already know the most likely scenarios for 2023 as well as Nostradamus predictions for 2023we can only hope that it will fill you with happiness because you deserve it (just because you read us, don’t get carried away).

For today and tomorrow

“I react to me lying”

Yes, really, worst machine, do not go there

The only day of the year when you can share this sequence of Friends: “This year was supposed to be great, it’s only the 2 and I’m already a shit”

Thank you Pécresse for this beautiful gift of 2023

What a way to attack the new year

Well done, where are we??

365 days of happiness

Me protecting my feelings in 2023

Who will hold them?

Capricorns, we’re talking to you…

It starts on the hats of wheels

49.3 times happy new year

Record to beat

See you again in 2024 (don’t give me a false plan, I’m waiting for you)!