Trenord’s letter to commuters, the parody of the Young Democrats

A parody to respond to Trenord’s top management. He had the letter sent to all Trenord subscribers and customers discussed, signed by the Director of Communications and External Relations of the subsidiary of the Lombardy Region. A long letter in which data and the state of affairs of public rail transport in the region are set out, but above all the tones of the letter, at times not very formal and almost provocative, were discussed, despite being signed by one of Trenord’s top management.

The message, which arrived Wednesday in the mailboxes of thousands of citizens, did not go unnoticed by the Young Democrats of Lombardy, who have been pressing the regional government on the issue for some time. “Many of our members, as commuters, received the letter and it seemed like a joke” commented Lorenzo Pacini, regional secretary of the young dem. “Four pages of numbers and data, all punctuated with tones bordering on anger that if on the one hand they show nervousness, on the other hand they seem to want to treat commuters like poor fools. At the end of the letter the manager seems almost to be ironic about the fact that commuters would accuse Trenord of not having foreseen the pandemic “concludes Pacini.

The young people therefore decided to reply, publishing their version of the letter to “parody” of the official one on social networks. “We wanted to respond with irony to what is instead a tragic communication from the company, yet another joke to the detriment of commuters. If in Lombardy we cannot guarantee decent public transport, at least we will try to snatch a smile from commuters” tell the young dem.

The parody of the young dem

Dear users too poor to afford the SUV,

in the last month Trenord was forced to reshape the service due to the significant number of staff absences due to Covid. Now, fortunately, we have only been in this emergency for 2 years and therefore we have not yet figured out how to organize ourselves because how time flies … uh!

Despite the evident size of this latest wave and its impact on many essential services (hospitals, schools …), dear customers, you have found the time to complain TO US ALSO. But weren’t you busy enough already swabing yourself? Looking for how to contact Ats? To fix the home wi-fi network? Of course you have a lot to do eh.

We have always respected everyone’s opinions, but in the face of so much bitter misinformation, we believe it is our duty to contact you directly, knowledgeable lamenters, to give you the REAL data of what happened and offer you the correct explanations.

For Trenord, 2250 train drivers and capitreno work who, in normal periods, allow about 2200 trains per day on weekdays, 1900 on Saturdays and 1600 on holidays 365 days a year, 366 if we count leap years. Then if we put ourselves that there are no more half seasons and that before here it was all countryside, you understand well gentlemen that the gasoline has risen again, and the government ke fa?

Before the pandemic peak, among the traveling personnel there were an average of 130/150 absences per day due to illness, permits, holidays, union accessibility, temporary unfitness, haircuts, vet appointments, trump match and laundry to hang out. As the infections worsened, absences doubled to reach ONE THOUSAND MILLION. Trenord which, like any company, is obviously structured to be able to absorb up to a certain number of absences (8% in our case, a percentage already high when compared to other sectors such as NASA or the North Korean army) has instead found itself to deal with peaks of 15%. It is unthinkable to have staff reserves capable of covering such a gap… we get chills just look at it.

There has been much and misplaced talk of the number of workers needed to carry out the service. Everyone asking “how many workers do you need?”, “Have you hired enough people?”, But never anyone asking us “how are you?”, “Are you happy?”.

But having you kind users all these questions, let’s try to give you some data. Between 2022 and the first half of 2023, 280 hires will be made in traveling personnel. It is worth remembering that a crew is not bought in the catalog, of course we would like, like, from the greengrocer “how much does 15 capitreni make me?”. The training of a train driver takes no less than 12 months, provided that he passes the initiation night in the black forest of Besnate, and that of a conductor at least 6, of which 3 spent in the Buddhist temple of Lhasa in Tibet to learn the way of meditation.

But let’s get to what has happened in the last few weeks: Trenord’s offer has been reduced by 12%. The most uninformed have written that in no other region have the races been reduced as in Lombardy: nothing could be more false. In the Marches we dropped to – 29%, even in Pizzo Calabro – 34%, in Grozny in Chechnya you hardly move without a taxi and in Katmandu you can go on foot first.

There are also those who have ventured comparisons with urban public transport, FOLLIA, where however means such as subways, buses and trams do not “promise” timetables and indeed how many times the bus does not stop at the stop even if you ring the bell? But above all, they don’t need complex crews; a driver is enough to guarantee the ride, indeed the good ones manage to drive even two trams at a time.

So dear users, claiming even more trains is unrealistic, but how does it come to your mind? !! The capacity of the system is not infinite, and above all we do not have enough parking spaces for everyone. Three years ago we indicated a path, saying in total transparency that it would take 4-5 years to complete: new trains, redefinition of the service, recovery of efficiency and business effectiveness, seats with built-in massage, minibar and free buffet for everyone.

So in a year we will hear from again calmly so we are here, you have the number, the intercom is always the same.
Having said that, maybe some of you commuters also demand an “apology” from Trenord. We will try to equip ourselves for this too, but we cannot promise it.

Best wishes and please … continue to pay for the ticket;)

Trenord’s letter to commuters, the parody of the Young Democrats