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As announced at Comic-Con, which took place last July in San Diego, the creators of the famous American series The Simpsons will pay tribute to the iconic Japanese manga Death Note. According to the screenshots and the short presentation video posted on social networks, this new special Halloween episode promises exceptional things. We see in particular Homer and Marge in animated mode. Here’s the latest info on this next Simpsons adventure.

Tribute to Death Note: The Simpsons get into anime

A perfect parody to celebrate Halloween

For 33 years now, the famous American series The Simpsons has never missed an opportunity to strike a blow. With Halloween fast approaching, the creators of America’s most famous family continue to think big. Now they have decided to surprise their followers with their long-awaited Simpson Horror Show.

For this special episode, baptized for the occasion “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII”, the characters of the Simpson family will be represented in an animation style inspired by the manga Death Note. In addition, the directors have called on the services of the famous South Korean studio DR Movie to maximize the success of this parody which will honor the iconic Japanese manga.. This production company has notably worked with Madhouse for the animated adaptation of Simpson, but also on successful productions such as:

  • The Batman (The Animated Series);
  • Teen Titans;
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender;
  • The Animatrix.

A perfect mix between The Simpsons and Death Note

In this Death Note tribute episode titled Death Tome, the characters of Lisa, Bart, Homer, Krusty and other essential Simpsons characters will be transformed entirely into an animated version.

In any case, this is revealed by the short video that was shared on social networks just after the announcement of Treehouse of Horror XXXIII. FYI, this video which is less than a minute has been viewed over a million times after just a few hours. This shows how much Internet users, and not just Simpsons and Death Note followers, were seduced by this new parody.

In this short teaser, Lisa can be seen wandering around a dystopian city mired in pollution. The little girl, obviously in an animated version, embarks on a journey to fix and improve the world. During his journey, she has unexpected encounters, notably with the famous Death Tome which, as in the manga, has the power to bring about the death of each person whose name is written inside. It is probably from this moment that the universe of Death Note and that of the Simpsons will meet to offer beautiful surprises. In this video, we can also see in the background the animated versions of Disco Stu as well as the twins Sherri and Terri. Faces that no longer hold any secrets for unconditional lovers of the Simpson family.

Death Note in the Simpsons anime
Death Note in the Simpsons anime

Furthermore, Lisa utters the exact same lines as Light, especially when she expresses her disbelief at the power of the notebook. In addition, the character design is very successful, especially those of Marge, Homer and Krusty, which almost makes you believe that this parody is a real animated series. Note that Lisa will play the role of Light Yagami while Krusty will play the role of Ryuk, a news that has trouble passing on to some fans of the series.

A daring bet welcomed with joy by the fans

By reading the feedback from fans on the various social networks, the producers of the series The Simpsons can rest easy. Indeed, the fans did not hide their joy in discovering the purity of the intermediate animation, the resemblances that exist with the original anime, the background, the style, etc. The astonishment and interest of the fans increased even further when they learned that DR Movie took part, in a significant way, in this adaptation of Death Note. The production company was even praised by fans for the hilarious, and completely successful imitation of the sequence where Lisa takes the Death Tome. It’s well deserved since it reproduces exactly what Light Yagami does in the original anime.

Hours after this short teaser was released, comic book enthusiasts were quick to share raw scans of The Simpson Death Note, from Ian Boothby’s parody number on Bongo’s Treehouse of Horror. For the little story, the renowned screenwriter won the « Eisner Award” in the category “Best Newsfor his caricature of the mythical Japanese manga.

Among the three episodes of this year’s Simpson Treehouse of Horror XXXIII, it is obvious that the Death Note parody is the one that arouses the most public interest. Plus, Simpsons fans are curious to see how hilarious she’ll be. This episode aired exclusively on the American channel FOX on October 30. However, France will have to wait a little longer before it is available on French channels.

Tribute to Death Note: The Simpsons launch into the anime | Pretty Reel