Trump’s false tweet that is shared along with another from Elon Musk that uses similar expressions

The image of a tweet from Elon Musk compared to that of an alleged 2018 tweet from Donald Trump whose messages use a very similar structure and language. On these screenshots, which are shared side by side, some users have made comments like: “Elon Musk is a copy and paste of Trump.” However, while Musk’s tweet is real, Trump’s is a parody, as the author of the same confirms to

Specifically, the tweet published by Elon Musk criticizes that Twitter has suffered a “massive” drop in income because there are activists who “pressure” advertisers “despite the fact that nothing has changed” since he heads the company, to conclude by saying that “They are trying to destroy free speech in America.” In that same order, Trump’s false tweet condemns the also “massive” drop in the US economy in this case, pointing out that the radical left “pressures” local leaders “despite the fact that nothing has changed” since he presides over the country. And he ends with the same formula: “They are trying to destroy America.”

“Trump and Musk: the twins separated at birth” or “Elon Musk is a copy and paste of Trump”, have pointed out Twitter users who have echoed the publication that compares the alleged tweets and that already accumulates more than 17,000 retweets and 82,000 likes. But it is false that Trump, whom the little bird’s social network suspended the account in January last yearpost such a message.

Trump did not publish the tweet that Musk supposedly was inspired by, it is a parody

On November 4, a Twitter user posted a tweet asking, “Where have I seen this rhetoric before?” Below, he attached two screenshots: one of a tweet from Elon Musk of November 4, 2022 and another of an alleged tweet that Donald Trump would have published four years earlier, in June 2018. Both messages share a great similarity both in content and in form.

Musk’s message reads in English: “Twitter has seen a massive drop in revenue due to activist groups putting pressure on advertisers, even though nothing has changed in content moderation and we did everything we could.” possible to appease the activists. It’s a complete mess! They are trying to destroy free speech in America.”

For its part, in the one allegedly published by Trump, it says: “The United States has had a massive collapse in the economy because the radical left pressures local leaders to raise their salaries, despite the fact that nothing has changed with your favorite president, who goes out of his way to make these radicals happy. It’s a big mess! They are trying to destroy America.”

While the owner of Twitter did publish that tweet on November 4 after the escape of numerous advertisers, as can be seen in his profile, Trump’s message is false. In the screenshot of the former president’s alleged tweet, the word ‘parody’ can be read in the lower left corner and, further to the right, the name of the Twitter account that shared it, which is that of Toby Morton.

Toby Morton, comedy writer from series like South Park and creator of parody websites of some republican politicians, confirms to that it is indeed a parody: “I created Trump’s tweet after reading Elon’s. Elon used the same tone as something Trump would have tweeted.”

Also, by searching the archive of trump tweetsit also does not appear that the former president of the United States had tweeted a message that contained the words that Elon Musk allegedly copied.

Other details that reveal that Trump’s tweet is not real

Beyond the word ‘parody’, there are other details of the alleged tweet that indicate that it is a montage. For example, the irregular white marks that appear around the photo of the former president. Also missing is the source tag of the tweet, which always appears right next to the publication date. While Musk’s tweet reads “Twitter for iPhone”, Nothing appears in Trump’s.

The social network itself explains in its Help Center that source labels “help you better understand how” the tweet was published, and goes on to state: “If you don’t recognize the source, you may want more information to decide how much you trust the content.” In the case of the alleged Trump tweet, this label does not even appear.

Other hoaxes that have linked Elon Musk with Donald Trump

It is not the first time that content linking the former president of the United States with the now owner of Twitter has gone viral. As we already told you in Newtral.eson one occasion the image of an alleged statement circulated in which Donald Trump announced his return to the social network after it passed into the hands of Elon Musk.

There are no records that the former president published a message about his return to the platform. In addition, Brad Parscale, a former adviser to the former president, denied through a tweet – which was later retweeted by Trump’s current director of communications – that said statement was real. Besides, in an interview conducted by the conservative American Media at the end of October (min. 28:30), Trump celebrated that Musk had taken over Twitter, although he assured that he would continue on the social network he created, Truth Social.


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Trump’s false tweet that is shared along with another from Elon Musk that uses similar expressions