Twitter Blue: from when will the new version be available?

  • The paid version of the service will have a monthly fee of $7.99 and will allow you to have the blue verification check

The new version of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s subscription service, will be available again from November 29 as part of the product relaunch premium from the social network.

The announcement was made by the owner of the platform Elon Musk, through his personal account. The billionaire explained that the reason he had not previously offered information about the service was because he had preferred to wait for the relaunch date to be completely certain.

All this occurs after the activation of the new version of Twitter Blue, which allows you to pay to obtain the verification blue check, caused chaos on the platform by giving users the possibility of creating fake verified accounts of famous people and companies.

The return of Twitter Blue implies that any user will be able to pay $7.99 to receive verification, something that has been criticized by a significant number of users within the platform.

According to the information published by Elon Musk, there will be some rules regarding account verifications. One of them, and perhaps the most important, is that once the person receives the blue check, he will not be able to change the name of his account without losing the badge.

“With the new release, changing your verified name will cause the verification mark to be lost until Twitter confirms that the name complies with the terms of service,” Musk posted.

He also recalled that in the course of the next few months all those accounts that currently have the blue verification check will lose it unless they choose to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

“All unpaid legacy blue checkmarks will be removed in a few months,” he added.

Chaos on Twitter

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The relaunch of Twitter Blue comes after Twitter had to emergency block access to the service for new users due to the large number of problems it generated.

An example of this is the hundreds of millions of dollars in losses that it cost some companies like the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. The reason for this is that a person created an account with a similar user, managed to get the verification check, and announced that the company would start selling insulin for free.

A similar situation happened to the arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin when a Twitter account reported that they would stop selling weapons to the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In a matter of hours, both tweets went viral, causing the share price of these companies to plummet on the stock market, generating losses of hundreds of millions.

All this led to companies such as General Motors, Audi, and Volkswagen deciding to pause their advertising on the platform, thus also generating losses for Twitter.

In an attempt to solve the problem, Elon Musk himself announced that all those parody accounts, with verification, that were posing as third parties had to report it in the names of their accounts or they would be banned.

Such was the case of the American comedian Sarah Silverman whose account was banned after trying to impersonate Elon Musk as a joke.

However, all these problems seem to be left behind with the relaunch of the Twitter payment service.

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Twitter Blue: from when will the new version be available?