Twitter mocks living in this Madrid dump: “Enjoy the intimacy of this semi

Although one might think that there is little room for jokes with problems of access to housing suffered by many citizensan evil that is especially aggravated in the centers of large cities due to the prohibitive prices of renting and selling properties, the Zulista parody account on the social network twitterpractice a humor that refers to the phrase “I laugh so as not to cry”.

So this account scrutinizes the offers that are published in the real estate market and highlights those that seem most scandalous, denouncing this reality with a smile. “Obsessed with generating anxiety and frustration for millions of people when looking for a house,” writes the Zulista in his description.

The penultimate object of his ironic darts has been received by the ad for sale of a semi-basement in Madrid’s Vallehermoso street, in the Chamberí district: 22 square meters for 120,000 euros. “New hideout for investors in Madrid! Discover the pleasure of living without bothersome visitors thanks to your secret door that is little higher than a bollard! For only €120,000, enjoy the intimacy of this semi-basement (and the possible urine of dogs) “.

The seller presents says of the property that it is a “great opportunity” for investorssince it has been rented until recently for 400 euros per month.

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For its part, the tweeters have not saved in jokes of all kinds related, above all, to the small size of its entrance door, typical of the old coal cellars that proliferated on the ground floor of the capital’s buildings. Many find this basement ideal to use as a real “zulo” for kidnapping.

Although the majority of reactions to the Zulista tweet, which accumulates several thousand ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’, are humorous messages, there are also more serious ones, in which their authors wonder if it is possible for a property like this has a certificate of occupancy and speculating about what could happen in case of fire.

Twitter mocks living in this Madrid dump: “Enjoy the intimacy of this semi-basement (and the possible urine of the dogs)”