Twitter postpones the blue payment tick after the US elections for fear of fake accounts

In a week as the new head of Twitter, Elon Musk has caused a revolution in the social network, mass layoffs and new payment features. The most commented measure, in Spain and all over the world, is the change of the verification system by which it will be necessary to pay 8 dollars to continue counting with the blue tick that authenticated the account. However, this novelty, which had to be implemented quickly, is postponed until after an electoral process in the United Statesfor fear of affecting the veracity of the accounts.

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New York Times collects in an article the internal discussions that have led Twitter to delay the new verification system Until the 9 of novemberone day after the midterm general elections are held in the US from which seats will come out for the Senate, the House of Representatives and the governors of 36 states are voted on.

Among the criticisms raised by the decision to charge for verification accounts is the possibility that users pay to have the blue tick with a false name or supplant the identity of another person. Elon Musk himself has announced that all accounts that steal other people’s identities will be suspended, unless they are identified as a parody.

Delay until Wednesday

As it was announced that the blue tick to verify accounts would become part of the functions integrated into Twitter Blue, the paid version that will cost 8 dollars a month, international media indicated that Twitter was working quickly to apply this novelty as soon as before, at least in those countries where Twitter Blue is available.

Nevertheless, New York Times has had access to an internal employee chat via Slack in which one of the workers questioned why the social network was “making such a risky move ahead of the election, which has the potential to cause election interference.” Until now, the verification system was free and depended on users identifying themselves with an official document. to prove that his name and photo on Twitter corresponded to his true identity.

Twitter verification profiles

If the system now only relies on paying for a subscription, it would be possible that a fake or someone else’s name and photos were used next to the blue tick, creating confusion. Still, Musk said last week that public figures like politicians would have another label to recognize their official account.

Although the company has not reported the reasons, the management has announced the postponement of this controversial measure for a few more days: “We have made the decision to move the launch of this release to November 9, after the elections,” they indicate. It will apply one day after the election, although all the votes may not have been counted by then.

Verified Parodies

In turn, the billionaire and recent owner of Twitter, who is now acting as a spokesperson for the social network, commenting on each of the changes, said in a tweet: “In the future, any Twitter user who participates in identity theft without clearly specifying that it is a ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended.”

Account suspended on Twitter

Account suspended on Twitter



This decision would be linked to the fears that have caused the delay of the new verification system and could already be applied. An example of this is an account that has used the name of the new owner of Twitter with the blue tick in recent days and is now shown as suspended, although this use already contravened the rules of the previous verification system.

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Twitter postpones the blue payment tick after the US elections for fear of fake accounts