Twitter tries to hire employees it had fired

The company has contacted several professionals to return to their posts. Some of them, he has discovered, are essential to implement the new options promoted by Elon Musk.


After having fired half of its professional staff, Twitter has taken the second step to materialize Elon Musk’s plans for the platform. This is trying to hire many of the employees that he had laid off. Apparently some were kicked out by mistake. But there is also a good group whose expertise and experience are irreplaceable for the new options that Musk wants to implement. This has been reported by Bloomberg, Businesinsider and other media.

spokes in the wheel itself

The situation comes as a surprise to virtually no one, except apparently for Elon Musk and Twitter. The entrepreneur has been considering several changes for the platform. Some of them he hopes to have ready before 2023.

When you consider the rate at which Twitter has released new options and the extensive testing processes, this seems unrealistic. If we add a large reduction in personnel carried out in a very short time, the problem is even greater.

Elon for Elon

In recent days, Twitter has left us with the impression that its main (almost only) client is Elon Musk.

A few days ago the sponsors of the network met with the businessman and communicated their concerns about the moderation of the content. Musk noted that the rules were not going to change, but then fired much of the moderation team. This fact left the sponsors with many doubts about how the rules were going to be implemented. After a good amount was withdrawn from the platform, Elon accused activist groups of being behind what happened.

The blue mark at about $20 ended up being a passing idea… Now the idea is for it to cost about $8 per month and include some viewing benefits for users. Musk has been fairly transparent that the main reason for the change is the need to fund Twitter. The problem is that verification is part of the system that tries to make the content of the platform trustworthy.

Don’t impersonate Elon

A perhaps more anecdotal issue but one that also contributes to undermining confidence in the entrepreneur’s vision is the decision he made about the accounts that pretend to be someone else. He recently established by rule that in that case they would be permanently suspended, unless they are clear parodies.

This might be the right move, however it contradicts previous claims against permanent bans.

The fact that the announcement was made after several accounts decided to impersonate Musk to make fun of it is more than suggestive.

The fact that several of them have clearly stated that they are performing a parody and have been suspended anyway is more worrying.


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