Umbria pride, thousands in the procession: “You can deny us the patronage but we will be here every year to fight”

by GO and Let.Bis.

About 8,000 people, cheering and colorful, gathered in Perugia on Saturday to participate in Umbria Pride, the demonstration for the rights of the LGBTI movement. After the experience of Perugia Pride and after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic, the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans * and intersex associations of Umbria have kicked off a great regional event that ended with the traditional procession – characterized by slogans, banners, floats and music – along the streets of the center up to Piazza Italia, for the final interventions.


The poster At the Carducci gardens the series of interventions began with the reading of the Umbria pride manifesto, which claims the protection of the rights of all people, the reorganization of families, the defense of affective and love relationships, monogamous and non-monogamous, anti-racism, anti-fascism and intersectional struggle. The underlying idea of ​​the manifesto, explains Roberto Mauri of Omphalos, “is total inclusiveness”. The other associations that organized the day were also on stage: Agedo Terni, Amelia Pride, Esedomani Terni and Rainbow Families, accompanied by Cristina Rossi, interpreter of sign language. During the demonstration, of course, there is also space for the decision of the US Supreme Court which, after 50 years, the Roe versus Wade ruling, the cornerstone of the life of the country regarding abortion.


The themes Among the issues touched upon was the recognition of children at the time of birth, a request brought by Giuseppe Barbieri of the association for the protection of homogenitorial families. Also on stage Ervin Bajrami, LGBT + and Roma activist, who recounted his life experience characterized by double discrimination in a society “that should have digested both”. Space also for transphobic discrimination, a topic touched upon by Mauri, who, recalling the story of Cloe Bianco, asked for the resignation of the Venetian councilor Donazzan with the square. Guests also Liberamente donna, to address the issues of gender-based violence, gestation for others, non-compliant bodies and more. Mauri opens the stage with a parody of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, “who is posing as a holy virgin and martyr, we want to put our finger on the sore where the sore emerges”.

We will be here every year The president of Omphalos Stefano Bucaioni also spoke: “Today we walked the roads that belong to all and all of us and unfortunately – he said – once again this year there are those who have done everything to stop us and to pour I hate him. ” The reference is obviously to the patronage granted by the Region despite the hostility of the League which is denied at the last minute by the Municipality: “The Umbrian center-right – said Bucaioni – fought for us, held a majority summit to grant us patronage, but they didn’t do it with chemtrails “he attacked, referring to the incredible grant of patronage years ago at a conference in which the theory of chemtrails was supported. «Romizi – he added – did not even have the courage to tell us that Pillon ordered him not to grant us the patronage; here is the level of the right. You can deny us the patronage, do not grant us the Zan bill, make truck sailing, but we will be here every year under your buildings to remind you that self-determination is a human right. We will be in the streets and we will continue to do so until discrimination and violence cease ».

Who said yes The days leading up to the event were full of controversy. There are nine entities that have chosen to support Umbria Pride 2022 through the sponsorship tool. Municipalities of Spoleto, Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino, Narni, Panicale and Arrone and the embassy of the Argentine Republic in Italy. In addition, adhesions from over 50 organizations and political groups arrived from all over Umbria.


I diktat Nothing, however, for the two provincial municipalities, Perugia and Terni, “which evidently chose to submit to the diktats of Senator Pillon and not to grant patronage to one of the largest and most popular events on rights and inclusion taking place in the region »Commented Stefano Bucaioni, president of Omphalos. «Not only – he continued – an unprecedented decision was taken, but no one found the courage to communicate it to us. The tale of the Mayor of everyone and everyone is definitely dead ».

A serious damage Even the Perugia Radicals, due to the failure to grant patronage by the mayor Romizi, spoke of “serious damage to the city of Perugia”. “It is surprising that this serious act – they wrote in a note – comes from what seemed to be the golden boy of the liberal right, who did not have the same courage as the president of the Umbria Region Tesei who defended the honor and the independence of the institution he directs “.

Umbria pride, thousands in the procession: “You can deny us the patronage but we will be here every year to fight”