Uncoupled: review of the Netflix series

Neil Patrick is phenomenal in

The Netflix series that sees the protagonist Neil Patrick Harris is Uncoupled, a tragicomic series based on the life of Michael, a brilliant real estate agent who suddenly finds himself single in spite of himself. On the occasion of his partner Colin’s surprise 50th birthday party, he is faced with her irreversible decision to end their 17-year-old relationship. Michael begins to have to find a new balance, surrounding himself with colorful friends, colleagues and clients, all characters who somehow manage to make Michael understand how to continue in his New York daily life. Between work, friendships and fleeting encounters, Michael’s life proceeds bumpy but inexorable, never giving up on his sensitive and romantic nature. The writers and creators of the series are Darren Star (already behind the making of Sex and the City And Emily in Paris) and Jeffrey Richman (fresh from the success of Modern Family), who transposed their previous urban storytelling experiences into this version of New York, modeling the city on Michael’s now revolutionized life.

Neil Patrick as you’ve never seen him in Uncoupled

Uncoupled It probably does justice to a very different image of Neil Patrick Harris from the one we have come to know. If in fact its most significant holdings for the general public are How I met your mother And A series of unfortunate events, in his private Harris has always shown us a side of himself profoundly different from both Barney Stinson and Count Olaf, which is at least partially reflected in the character of Michael, decidedly more tender (even unsustainably naive) and sensitive than the specks that have made him so famous. In any case, his skill from an interpretative point of view remains unquestionable and even in this case Harris has fun and entertains with a theatrical and never predictable approach. The eight episodes that make up the first season of Uncoupled they can therefore count on the added value given by Neil Patrick Harris’ ability to give life to a particular character without making it fall into a parody of himself. In addition to Harris, the other characters also make use of excellent interpreters for their scenic rendering, starting from Tisha Campbell in the role of her friend and colleague Suzanne to Marcia Gay Harden who lends her face to Claire, a wealthy client just abandoned by the very rich husband.

Uncoupled he does not forget to also present the real world in Michael’s life, often showing how much the interference of various means influences everyone’s daily life. From chats to Instagram, from Grindr to text messages, the series shows various ways of communication and how much one relies on these means to communicate decisions and feelings; in this regard, just think of how Colin communicates the drastic end of the story to Michael, entrusting 17 years of relationship to a few lines of message. If the representation of the rainbow community settles from time to time on superficial clichés, the whole series as a whole plays on these almost childish tones, which also become a particular trait of Michael’s own personality.

For the moment there is no news about the production future of the series and there are no official announcements about a possible second season of Uncoupledbut given the excellent feedback from the public in the first days of release on Netflix, everything would bode well for a probable renewal.

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Direction – 3

Screenplay – 4

Photography – 3

Acting – 4

Sound – 3

Emotion – 3

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