UNUSUAL. The cult dance of the “Wednesday” series taken up by the residents of an Alsatian Ehpad

The performance of actress Jenna Ortega, star of the “Wednesday” series (Netflix), on the dance floor aroused enormous enthusiasm on social networks: the latest imitation of her choreography, that of the residents of the nursing home The Sequoia, in Illzach (Haut-Rhin).

Looking up at the camera, arms raised to the rhythm of the music of “Goo, Goo Muck”, by The Cramps, Josiane Gomard, dynamic sixty-something, seems to take great pleasure in plagiarizing the dance of actress Jenna Ortega, star of the series Netflix “Wednesday”. A few seconds later in the video, Jacqueline Bihl, 91, mischievously taps Jean-Paul Soehlen on the shoulder to take a few steps. In her wheelchair, Rossana Bisegna, 86, opens the video with the same determined air as the actress.

“I have a group of residents who are always up for the little challenges I throw out”, smiles the no less dynamic caregiver of the Ehpad Le Séquoia, in Illzach, Valérie Benkhelifa. Every week, she leads one or even two dance and gym workshops, “according to demand”.

And ask there is. At the beginning of January, the host shows her small group the viral video of the choreography that the heroine of the series claims to have imagined herself. Faced with their enthusiasm, she asks them if they want to learn a few movements, and one thing leads to another, she decides to film them, to make a small montage: 35 seconds paralleling the extract from the famous scene, and the parody played by the residents, all posted on the establishment’s Facebook page (see the post and the video on this link and below) and immediately commented positively.

“The families are very happy to see what we are doing, to follow our activities, and the residents like to share, show, anything out of the ordinary… We are not an nursing home like the others, we want to stand out!

Their grandchildren all know about this series, and the “Wednesday” dance scene…the residents are very proud!

Valérie Benkhelifa, caregiver at Le Séquoia nursing home in Illzach

They are attached to the Facebook page, which we created during the confinement to continue to exchange with the families, to show them that we had not abandoned their parents… Since then, she continues to live over what we let’s organize!”

That day, a “smoothie party”, “with zouk and all”specifies Valérie, an African dance afternoon, before Christmas, an “ugly sweaters” contest, for carnival, disguises… the ideas are not lacking under the impulse of the host, in this establishment which welcomes 96 residents.

“We are also very committed to an intergenerational approach: kindergarten students regularly take part in our African dance workshops, with middle school students, we share a choir… Even high school students are in regular contact with our elders, to set up projects, meetings…”

Their video of the “Wednesday” dance has been relayed 122 times on Facebook, and thus adds to the long, very long list of parodies and other imitations, which, for some, have been a hit, especially on the network. flagship of the youngest, Tiktok.

The residents of the Séquoia d’Illzach will be satisfied with a success, more confidential at least for the moment, on Facebook, but which will leave them with a memory of a new beautiful afternoon a little offbeat.

UNUSUAL. The cult dance of the “Wednesday” series taken up by the residents of an Alsatian Ehpad