Velma from HBO MAX: Unfunny self parody.

I didn’t expect anything from this series, and yet it managed to disappoint me. And believe me that the issue of the change of race and sexual orientation of some characters, as well as the absence of the talking Great Dane are the lesser evils of this series.

And let’s be realistic. Unlike other classic works recently annihilated by showruners who are totally ignorant of the subject or who simply despise it, Scooby-Doo does not have a totally established “lore”, which can be disrespected and make fans angry. With numerous versions and spin-offs, there is no official version that purist fans can cling to to complain about a new version just because of the change in the skin color of the characters. Fachos like me, well, they had no material to launch “hate”.

Hence, I, staunch nemesis of everything “progressive”, have decided to give this series a chance without caring in the slightest about the “Woke” changes. I was expecting a light-hearted, scatological comedy and some mystery… and they didn’t even manage to give me that.

what’s it about?

Supposed prequel that narrates the origins of the gang of teenage detectives “Mystery Inc.” from the point of view of Velma, the brains of the group, who must resume her hobby of solving mysteries when terrible murders occur in her high school, while dealing with ghosts from her past.

Produces and stars Mindy Kaling. Scripted by Charly Grandy and featuring additional voices by Vivian Wu (Daphne), Glen Howerton (Fred) and Sam Richardson (Norville, not yet nicknamed “Shaggy”).

The backfire.

We don’t know if it was intentional, but the references and jokes about sex and race, far from empowering minorities, as the creator of the series exclaimed from the four winds, ridicules them.

The inclusion of LGBTQ issues, drugs, racial stereotypes, and mental illness here is so forced that it falls into self-parody. The facherio would greatly enjoy seeing how the wokes that created this series reinforce the negative stereotypes that they supposedly seek to combat.

Pie humor… and bad.

And I say “I would enjoy” if the series was at least funny and with a modicum of wit, but the jokes are even more basic than those of the original animation directed at the time for children. The mystery is predictable, and the humor is sexual, with elementary school overtones. The characters are devoid of any quality that redeems them or makes us interested in them.

Velma is insufferable. She is marginalized because she deserves it. Daphne, a parody of the unbearable “sexy Redhead” made by a teenager. Norville, a “simp” so stereotypical that he feels like a plagiarism, and Fred is the already so tired representation of the “privileged” white man as a perfect useless who is totally predictable.

But does it entertain?

It just makes you regret every minute spent on it. Total waste.

We have to see it?

Fans and non-fans, avoid it at all costs. It’s not worth even as a curiosity or alternative version. I insist, the Woke matter is the least of it. It’s just bad.


This is where the Woke screw up to the bottom. The problem is not changing the ethnicity or gender of a known character, but making his whole life revolve around it. The black will always be prey to racism, the homosexual will spend 90% of his screen time looking for sex, the woman will invariably complain about machismo at times and if she is beautiful she must be a brainless bitch. True inclusion would be treating them as equals, wouldn’t it?

Sorry Mindy, your South Asian Velma doesn’t invite us to learn more about your culture.

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Velma from HBO MAX: Unfunny self parody.