Two days after the blitz of the Northern League commando led by

President of the City Council, Romano Lavarino, read here –

to overcome the dangerous reality of the “uncivilized” of Via Petrarca, the waste from Via Pisa and Via Grivola are always in place.

But here’s how things seem to have gone.

Therefore, the Northern League would organize themselves in this way.

Not without taking care of the outfit too: Lavarino abandons the grisaille with regimental tie (or blue, but then, after all, who cares), suitable for the session of the City Council, for disguise yourself as a relaxing Sunday traveler.

Black tank top, beige short breeches and sandals.

With him two militants: one of them is a kind of specialist

who opens the black bags: but we will see better a little further on.


So, Sunday the blitz in the “usual” Via Petrarca where, thanks to the sagacity and determination of the Northern League Commando, whoever passed by there he could also have seen in which condominium the alleged “uncivil” resident, allegedly responsible for irregular waste disposal.


Better to say “presumed” and we’ll see why.


Having examined the waste disposed of improperly, they call (Sunday afternoon at 3 pm) a patrol of the Traffic Police.

Which, in all of this, represent the only truly surprising thing: that is, how does the Local Police Command manage to have Personnel in such availability, on a public holiday, for this kind of services.

But let’s go in order.


From reliable sources we get to know that they would be Lavarino himself and none other than the deputy mayor Massimo Sìmion to call the local police.


But, by the way: is it pronounced Sìmion or Simìon?

In the League, now divided over everything, they can’t agree on this either.

Perhaps also for this reason it is not received the Councilor for the various and possible, Dante, which seems to have not yet chosen how to take sides, in the ongoing clash that divides the province from Monte Rosa to Terranova and for its entire length.


We get to the point: once the patrol of the Municipal Police has arrived (3.30 pm on Sunday afternoon), it seems that he is the “specialist” of the black bag, qualified member of the Commando, to hesitate to open the casings to look for suitable finds to allow the identification of “uncivilized”.

Finding you – dicunt – bills, invoices, in short, documents that allow us to trace the family that those waste produced.

And naturally, these are documents that tell a lot of data about the owner of the same: in the meantime, who he is.

And then, how much electricity you consume, for example, perhaps, even what your phone number is.

All elements that, in the parody that is the Junta of Nothingperhaps it is considered possible that they are in the possession of the Northern League Commando.

The risk is there: we do not even want to imagine that the Northern League have read those documents; we prefer to think that they have, with one hand, passed them to the traffic police, putting the other hand over their eyes.

In fact, they are private citizens (some of these not elected anywhere, but even if they were elected the speech would not change and perhaps something could say some lawyer who runs, albeit without much construct, for the Municipality) who have the power to send a patrol of the traffic police.

Which also come on Sunday afternoons.


But, paradoxical as it may seem, the discussion stops here: the Northern League do not go further.

Because the Carroccio task force does not, then, call those of ASM to say: now that we have caught the uncivilizedwe called in the Vigili, we know where the uncivilized live and who they are because we are in front of the door of their condominium …well, dear Asm, you have no more excuses, take this rumenta away.


This would mean – as Umbarto Bossi said – that the League has it tough.

Instead, it seems that this is not the case.

And we must also understand that the years pass for everyone.

We see that the leaguers able to bring the Local Police patrolperhaps they fear that, instead, they would take loud rattles from Iren’s, from their capataz.

Which capataz have already said clearly that those famous dividends that every year distribute to their shareholder Municipality of Vercelli, may not arrive anymore, nor in the current proportions (approximately, as long as it lasts and all goes well, 1.4 million euros ).

One million and 400 thousand euros that are the noose around the neck of any administration.

This is until someone with common sense will manage to sell that now useless and even (as we have seen) harmful 40 percent of shares that the Municipality still holds in its portfolio: an estimated value of 48 million euros, if all goes well).


But let’s not digress, there will be a way to return to the subject.


So, today we are all over again.

These are the photos of the afternoon, 13 September, in Via Pisa.

It is necessary to say to Sìmion, Lavarino, allo specialist of the black bag who assists them and rummages through the garbage of the Vercelli people, who have to call the police again: so that they may fetch those of Asm and have them come and clean.

Here we see some examples.


In Via Pisa, everything is as beforeon the contrary: there are new refusals full of leaflets of electoral propaganda.


We are not talking about Via Grivola.

The green bag full of aggregates is there (qualified resident citizens say) from Monday of last week (10 days).


In this case, Sìmion and Lavarino do not seem to have broken up.

But there would be another (incredible) problem: if those waste were a bit too heavy, the Asm employees could have a good (!) reason not to collect them.

So the municipality should ask another company for a quote to take them away.

And until this procedure is done, they stay there, without a master and without a future.

In Via Grivola, their home.

It is not that they go to Asm and send them to clean, perhaps in two people instead of one, if it is true that the green bag is heavy.


How much work for Lavarino and Sìmion.

They have opportunities to sell, because, if they just go further and turn the corner of Via Grivola, they see unauthorized gardens that decorate the bank of the canal with beautiful vegetables.


There is even someone who has made a passage with a gate, as if he were planning to have his own private cove.

If the architect Chìparo ever knew.


But, until then, it seems that for now Sìmion and Lavarino will not arrive.

And yes they could usefully call the traffic police, check among the waste if there were, for example, residues of sautéed zucchini, to go up so easily, making his way through the vegetables, to those who cultivated the small plantation of Cucurbita Pepo.


Let’s face it: the 3 thousand euros and broken that the Municipality he passes every month to Lavarino for his role as President of the Municipal Council and the 4 thousand which, on the other hand (if full-time) are planned for the deputy mayor Sìmion, are well spent.

VERCELLI VIA PISA – Lavarino, Sìmion, call the guards!