Vicenza, it will be “A cursed job” but Manuele Righele’s book is fun

Secrets, intrigues and murders in a surreal world signed by Manuel Righele

Manuel Righele and his book “A cursed job”

Philosophical and surreal dialogues, a plot that winds between parallel worlds inhabited by eccentric wizards, cruel government officials and bungling heroes, a fresh and fun style: these are the ingredients of “A cursed job”, first novel by Manuel Righele, 47 years old , resident in Isola Vicentina, trainer in the communication sector and blogger. As multifaceted as its author, the novel resists genre labeling. The epic tone evoked by Harry Potter atmospheres, populated by ghosts, magical objects and mysterious shops, is always mitigated by humor and a clear ironic intention.

What damn job is the book referring to?

It is a story that tells of secrets, intrigues and murders in a surreal world where real and fantastic characters move. In the city of Magna-Polis, the antiquarian Ardo Tempus and his friend Stregonus, a grumpy and somewhat clumsy wizard, set off in search of a mysterious page torn from a book deemed dangerous whose author went into hiding by fleeing into the Synchroverse . The undersecretary of commerce, Madama Capio and her treacherous adviser Delitte steal the page, who will not exist to kidnap and kill in order to achieve their goal.

And what is their purpose?

It has to do with finding a certain treasure. On the other hand, “Treasure Island” is one of my heart novels.

Why did you set the story in a fantasy world?

Because it’s hard to notice what we have before our eyes every day. I wanted to rearrange elements of our culture in a fantasy world so as to show them from a different perspective. It is a way of satirizing our reality, distorting it with the lens of parody, of comedy.

Where did the idea for the book come from?

The idea was born from the desire to highlight the contradictions of our customs: building walls to protect freedom, for example, or sending weapons for an immediate ceasefire.

Is there any author who has been a source of inspiration for you?

The youth encounters with Stefano Benni’s “Terra”, Meneghello’s “Libera Nos a Malo” and Douglas Adams’ “Intergalactic Guide for Hitchhikers” were significant, but the author I am closest to is Terry Pratchett, master of the fantasy genre.

The book is a publishing project that she curated, not a publisher. Because?

Because it was difficult to place on the market. It had the elements of a thriller, but it wasn’t a thriller, it had elements of a fantasy, but it wasn’t a fantasy, and it was a humorous book. So I personally supervised the editorial project, surrounding myself with professionals who also work for major publishers, such as Tommaso Ronda, for example, illustrator of some series by Geronimo Stilton. When the publishers saw that it was appreciated by thousands of people they stepped forward.

You have a teenage son: is he also passionate about the fantasy genre?

It is omnivorous. But he was my first audience for “A cursed job”: his reactions guided me in the development of the novel. He suggested what to change, what to add.

The book talks about the Synchroverse. What’s this?

The Synchroverse is a response to the disputes of Marvel fans on the Multiverse, detractors of Christopher Nolan and his Interstellar, collects questions about time travel and the theme of quantum physics and spacetime. The Synchroverse is the answer. And it is, of course, 42. As Adams’ “Guide” computer replies.

Stephanie Martini

Vicenza, it will be “A cursed job” but Manuele Righele’s book is fun