Víctor Aráuz responds to Carolina Jaume after the controversy of the parody video

A parody (in a video) they did David Reinoso, Victor Arauz and Christian Maquilon with their characters The Michi and Melo upset the actress Caroline James because, according to her, it is a mockery of the legal situation that she lives with her ex-partner, Allan Zenck. These are characters that have been brought to the theater in a Rompekbezas production. The matter turned ant color over the weekend.

“I am disappointed that a defender of the women’s rights makes fun of a woman who experienced domestic violence that you witnessed on more than one occasion. I am responsible for my life. Thank God I surround myself with good people and I am proud to get ahead, without asking for help from people who use me”, was part of what the presenter also said to the producer Catrina Tala, from Rompekbezas, who commented: “It is part of the circus, it wants to generate”.

He also stated: “No one makes fun of your pain. The one who has exposed his life and his children is you. You have made sure that everyone talks about you. You want to be upset and victimized by a parody where you are not even named. Don’t point at anyone.” Supposedly Carolina will no longer greet the actors.

Victor Arauz He responded as follows: “Repeatedly I have seen how you have mocked, mocked and laughed out loud at other people’s misfortunes, from colleagues, from friends, from women, from their children, from their families and you have done it in front of colleagues, myself included. Black humor has been part of your daily life.

In addition, the video you are referring to does not mock or mock your children, or the alleged action that seeks to take them away from you. The video makes a humorous reference to the moment when you face the cameras and talk to the media. The text was completely changed and cleverly modified to announce the new function of the show to which you were always invited. If you don’t want to say hello to us, that’s fine, you’re free to say hello to whoever you want”.

With this new mess, Carolina ‘advertises’ the theatrical production they are promoting and more people will want to see it. All this happened after the presentation of her and Allan Zenck in the hearing in the Florida Judicial Unit, in which they must have seen their faces due to the legal battle for their son Alonso.

According to CarolineI don’t want to end up like Sharon”. The appointment was suspended and, according to Allan, “another date will now be set.” In social networks he has expressed the affection he feels for his children, including Alonso: “If you knew all the joy and color that you give to my life, you are my superhero son because you often save my days; your smile manages to make me forget the tiredness and problems of any heavy day. I always run home from work with the illusion of seeing you awake to hug you and play with you. Together with your brothers you are the reason, the purpose, the fuel of all my days. You teach me much more than I can teach you.”

He also dedicated a few words to the daughter of Carolina and Xavier Pimentel, Rafaella: “I met you a few months before I turned 7, I don’t know when so much time passed. You are such a sweet, intelligent and mature girl for your age; I wish your mom had your maturity sometimes. Our chemistry was immediate and you earned my love from the first day with your jokes, your jokes and your contagious laugh. You always made me so proud ever since you introduced me to your friends and your friends’ moms as ‘my mom’s boyfriend’ and later as ‘my stepdad Allan’. Today you refer to me as ‘my dad 2’”.

Víctor Aráuz responds to Carolina Jaume after the controversy of the parody video